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Super league gaming ipo

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It is the first acquisition for Super League since going public in February and is likely just one of more deals yet to come for the company. Framerate "will be fully integrated into Super League, instantly expanding our audience reach, creating more awareness for our live and digital experiences and becoming a foundational component of Super League's content distribution network," Super League's chief executive, Ann Hand, said in a statement to Reuters.

Throngs of young fans are increasingly drawn to competitive video gaming on both the professional and amateur levels, and they often watch matches streamed live or in person. Super League, which was founded in , is aimed at amateur level players. It runs tournaments and community building events, sometimes in underused spaces including malls and movie theaters. Even so, Wall Street analysts like the company's management and growth prospects.

The company is poised to "build out its platform and partners without accelerating cash consumption," they wrote. Unlike some other sectors of the rapidly growing esports universe, both Super League and Framerate focus less on top stars and pro players and more on amateurs and everyday gamers who want to play, interact and create content. Framerate launched just last year and already has more than 25 million video views so far in around the world.

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Three of the largest gaming stocks sold off sharply earlier in February due to weak guidance and the rise of the unpredictable battle royale sector. Since the sell-off, shares in EA, Inc. Super League has expanded to the battle royale sector by hosting watch parties for Fortnite events, but has yet to host any of its own. Skip to content. Photo via MLG.

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Super League Gaming (SLGG) CEO Talks Keeping Women Engaged In The Gaming Industry

Super League Gaming raised $25 million in an initial public offering on Nasdaq. But shares in the opening round have fallen percent from. Super League Gaming ; Operating Status Active ; Last Funding Type Post-IPO Equity ; Also Known As Nth Games, Inc. ; Legal Name Super League Gaming Inc. ; Stock. The initial public offering is expected to close on February 28, , subject to customary closing conditions. The Company expects to use the.