top stocks to invest in for 2021
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Top stocks to invest in for 2021 forex night pairs

Top stocks to invest in for 2021

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The critical role ISRG plays in the healthcare industry, combined with recent market action, has made Intuitive Surgical one of the top 10 best stocks to buy now. The latest installments of their robotic surgery tools carry on the tradition of advancing minimally invasive surgery across a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. In making surgeries safer and more effective, Da Vinci Surgical Systems have been used in more than 8.

In addition to growing revenue, Intuitive Surgical also increased its streams. Specifically, the company shipped more machines than in recent quarters. Perhaps even more impressively, Intuitive Surgical boasts a pristine balance sheet. As the Omicron variant spread like wildfire, many surgeries were postponed. With fewer surgeries performed in the wake of the pandemic, ISRG has been held back from realizing its full potential. Even though procedures grew, the pandemic is reigning in revenue potential.

One of the best stocks to buy right now is Norwegian Cruise Lines. As the leader in a beaten-down cruise sector and an integral component of a travel industry with unparalleled pent-up demand, Norwegian may be on the precipice of a breakout. Not only has the cruise ship operator been suppressed for more than two years, but the CDC is expected to ease regulations, and the travel industry is expected to have a record-breaking summer. Despite fears of an impending recession, savings accounts in America have never been bigger, and households have never been more eager to take a vacation.

The bull case for Norwegian Cruise Line is relatively simple: shares look too cheap for a company with so many tailwinds at its back. After all, the company took on a lot of debt throughout the pandemic to maintain its non-performing fleet. In its most recent earnings report, the company acknowledged a much wider-than-anticipated loss onset by the numerous variants of COVID that stalled the entire country.

CDC regulations kept cruise ships from sailing altogether, completely stalling the multibillion dollar industry. At the same time, an absurd amount of money was required to keep fleets operational in the event regulations were lifted. Years of headwinds have caused shares of Norwegian to drop considerably, and rightfully so.

However, the company appears to have weathered the worst of the storm. Losses are expected to be reported until its fleet is completely operational, which may be as early as this spring. Barring any setbacks, Norwegian will be back to full strength at a time when the travel industry is booming.

Net booking volume is accelerating and expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. In fact, looks like it will be a record-breaking year for the company. Perhaps even more importantly, Norwegian has the pricing power to survive in the event of a recession, especially at a time when more people are expected to spend on travel.

All things considered, few stocks were hit harder by the pandemic than Norwegian Cruise Line. Still, no other cruise line operator did more with what they had than NCLH. With some of the best financials in the business, Norwegian should be able to pay off its debts relatively fast and take advantage of a great travel industry.

Provided things go according to plan, this could be one of the best stocks to buy now and hold for years. Palo Alto Networks is an American multinational cybersecurity company that has made a name for itself protecting the online infrastructure of some of the biggest companies in the world. Consequently, Palo Alto Networks is a company that more and more businesses are turning to as the need for cybersecurity grows in the twenty-first century.

Palo Alto Networks has already performed admirably for long-term investors. However, despite its recent track record, Palo Alto Networks continues to look like one of the best stocks to buy right now. Palo Alto Networks looks like one of the few tech stocks positioned to do well in an inflationary environment. With some analysts predicting as many as nine rate hikes initiated by the Federal Reserve over the next year or so, the majority of tech companies are expected to take a hit to their bottom line.

It is worth pointing out, however, that Palo Alto Networks looks entirely capable of not only surviving in an inflationary environment, but also thriving. More investors are expected to allocate their money towards companies like Palo Alto Networks who can increase prices to combat inflation. As the leader in cloud-delivered network security, Palo Alto Networks has pricing power that makes it look attractive when rates are on the rise.

The ability to raise prices in lieu of higher interest rates allows Palo Alto Networks to act as a hedge against inflation for patient investors. As the globe grows increasingly dependent on the cloud and internet services, the need for cybersecurity increases exponentially. In the event Palo Alto Networks is able to meet their own expectations, the company is currently trading for 31 times current-year free cash flow. The need for cyber security will only grow as we become more dependent on the cloud, and tensions in Ukraine are speeding up the adoption of cybersecurity for small to midsize companies on a global scale.

Shopify is a Canadian multinational e-commerce company which specializes in connecting merchants to customers on a global scale. Most notably, however, Shopify lives up to its name; it provides businesses of every size with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-increasing digital marketplace. Simply put, Shopify gives businesses everything they could possibly need to operate online. As lockdowns ensued and more people turned to online shopping, Shopify thrived.

Revenue increased at a blistering pace, which left investors wondering how high the stock could really go. The decrease may be primarily attributed to less-than-perfect forward-looking projections. In other words, the pandemic appears to have pulled a lot of business forward.

Shopify was a clear beneficiary of the stay-at-home trends created by the pandemic. As a result, it would be unfair to assume revenue growth would persist on the same line with pandemic coming to an end. In the same call, management acknowledged subscription revenues increased For all intents and purposes, Shopify had a great quarter.

However, the pandemic inflated previous revenue reports, and Shopify has several tailwinds working in its favor. Already a household name for small businesses across the country, Shopify accounts for approximately Now, cross-reference that metric with the fact that e-commerce represents a mere Most notably, Shopify partnered with JD.

Growing their presence in one of the largest e-commerce countries in the world gives Shopify unfettered optionality, and should put any concerns of slowing revenue growth to rest. Shopify is a true leader in the e-commerce sector. As a result, the stock is highly valued. With years of promising tailwinds, in fact, Shopify looks like one of the best stocks to buy now.

PayPal is a multinational financial technology company that grants merchants and customers access to a digital payments platform on a global scale. In its simplest form, PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional cash transactions.

PayPal has amassed more than million active account holders across different markets around the globe. Even though it was seven years ago, PayPal is still in the process of severing ties with eBay, which was reflected on the latest earnings report.

The increase was less than investors had grown accustomed to, and can partially be contributed to tempering business with eBay. In addition to the diminishing association with eBay, PayPal noted that it expects the growth of net active users to slow.

Compounding the issue, PayPal also noted it would be shifting its priorities from growing its user base to increasing engagement. Shares continue to head lower in , but the selloff looks more than overdone. Shares are now trading at the same level as they were in the first part of , despite having added hundreds of millions of active account holders. At the very least, PayPal is a great company trading at a significant discount, relative to where it was last year.

There is no doubt about it: PayPal looks like a cheap stock at the moment. However, upon closer look, the discount appears to be a miscalculation made by Wall Street. If for nothing else, the headwinds pulling share prices down appear to be micro in nature, and the long-term thesis remains intact. Learn how to get started in real estate investing by attending our FREE online real estate class.

On the surface, Netflix is an entertainment and production company which has become synonymous with households across the globe. Beneath the surface, however, Netflix is credited with turning the antiquated equation of physical media into the streaming empire we know today. With somewhere in the neighborhood of million subscribers, Netflix has enjoyed enormous success in its more than two decades of operation.

Since going public in , Netflix has been one of the best stocks to invest in on Wall Street. Since then, however, Netflix has done nothing but decline. The initial drop from all-time highs was onset by a broader tech selloff.

When the Federal Reserve announced it would increase interest rates to combat inflation, any company associated with his growth or technology took a hit. Investors traded tech stocks for safe commodities with defensive balance sheets. Netflix started selling off incrementally, through no fault of its own. Investors simply wanted out of tech in an inflationary environment.

Upon reporting first quarter numbers, Netflix shares dropped precipitously in the wake of poor subscriber growth. In fact, the streaming giant actually lost about , subscribers in a period it expected to add 2. With a PEG rate of 1. The latest reset in valuation may be a blessing in disguise, as Netflix is starting to look like one of the best stocks to invest in now; the price has come in a lot, and the company is still performing admirably. Pricing power has enabled Netflix to increase subscription fees, an invaluable tool in an inflationary market that should help moving forward.

Additionally, Netflix has a broad international market it can still tap into. Netflix is investing heavily in local content for a number of regions where it can grow its subscriber base: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. To grow revenue in markets that are already saturated with their service, Netflix announced it will attempt to curb account sharing.

Until recently, the streaming service was turning a blind eye to account sharing, suggesting the benefits outweigh the costs. However, it appears as if their previous sentiment regarding shared accounts has changed. Specifically, Netflix is looking to charge higher prices in order for accounts to share across multiple households. Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica will serve as the first proving grounds for the new subscription model, but it could easily expand to other markets if it succeeds.

If Netflix can generate new subscribers in already saturated markets from this new idea, the previous guidance issue will be a temporary blip. Consequently, the latest selloff will be nothing more than a buying opportunity for timely investors. With a more tolerable earnings multiple than in years past and a number of potential tailwinds at its back, Netflix looks like one of the best stocks to buy now.

Known primarily as an entertainment company, Disney has become an integral component to the lives of millions of people the world over. It is worth noting that the two major obstacles holding Disney shares back over the past year are merely short-term headwinds. Barring any significant setbacks or a new variant, the economy looks poised to return to full speed, and Disney should benefit from one of the busiest travel seasons the world has ever seen.

To be fair, Disney has yet to release its first quarter earnings report and forecast, but it is growing more and more apparent that the travel industry is starting to fire on all cylinders. As perhaps the most telling indicator of pent-up demand in the travel industry, Delta Air Lines kicked off earnings season with a bang.

Not only did the airline lose less money than Wall Street expected, but it confirmed something we already knew: demand for travel is stronger than ever. The willingness to travel is growing, and Disney will undoubtedly benefit from the eventual reopening of the economy. In particular, Disney has used the last two years to develop new technologies, attractions, and premium offerings which should bolster earnings.

It is becoming safer and safer to assume more people will be spending more money at Disney resorts as the year progresses. In addition to the return of travel, Disney is starting to look like a great hedge against an unpredictable economy. Disney possesses the pricing power and brand loyalty to maintain the type of profitability investors like to see. Shares of Disney are trading at a significant discount relative to last year and the world looks more ready than ever to travel.

As a result, Disney looks like one of the best stocks to buy now; both its long-term and short-term prospects look too encouraging to ignore. At their current level, it may only be a matter of time until shares of Disney test new highs again. If for nothing else, CrowdStrike provides an invaluable service which increases in utility as technology becomes progressively integrated into our daily lives: cybersecurity.

With investors abandoning high-growth tech stocks in favor of value plays that can survive in an inflationary environment, the entire tech sector has been beaten down for the better part of , and CrowdStrike is no exception.

Through no fault of its own, CrowdStrike is trading well below its November week high. Shares have faced downward pressure for the better part of six months because of overall market sentiment. With a price-to-sales ratio of Our reliance on the internet has increased the need for cybersecurity, as evidenced by the latest transgressions taking place in Ukraine.

With tension mounting on a global scale, the threat of cyber attacks is more likely than ever. Cyberattacks have already hit businesses of every size in recent history, and growing tensions between global leaders suggest the need for cybersecurity will only grow in the next few decades. That said, long-term investors could experience some short-term volatility, but patience will likely pay off.

CrowdStrike looks like a long-term winner, and its current price makes it one of the best stocks to buy right now. Airbnb, together with its subsidiaries, owns and operates an online marketplace specifically designed to facilitate lodging and experiences. Airbnb is a digital platform that enables anyone with a living space to rent out their accommodations.

At its pinnacle, however, Airbnb is quickly becoming a leading disruptor in the multi-billion-dollar travel and leisure industry. With so much potential lying in the wind, Airbnb looks like one of the best stocks to buy now. While past earnings reports suggest Airbnb is well on its way to becoming a major player in the travel and leisure industry, the global pandemic has prevented it from firing on all cylinders for the better part of two years.

Despite global headwinds caused by the pandemic, shares of ABNB appear to carry a high valuation. To be clear, Airbnb does look expensive relative to its peers. However, investors have grown accustomed to paying a premium for quality, and ABNB is no exception. In the same period, net losses were smaller-than-expected. Strong user metrics supported revenue and net losses. If for nothing else, the travel and leisure industry is set to make an impressive comeback.

As more and more people grow comfortable traveling and the economy continues to reopen, Airbnb should see an influx of business. Additionally, forecasts suggest Airbnb will continue to take a larger market share of the entire travel and leisure industry. With leisure travel inevitably set to return, Airbnb looks like one of the best stocks to buy now.

The unique convergence of subsiding headwinds and growing tailwinds should serve as a significant catalyst moving forward. One of the best stocks to buy now may be Roku, if for no other reason than promising secular tailwinds. Known primarily for its suite of physical digital media players, Roku offers its users access to streaming media content from a vast library of online services.

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If you believe in a greener future, Oshkosh is a good way to indirectly play it long term. And thanks to some froth coming off in the back half of , OSK. These are the stocks with the best value, fastest growth, and most momentum for May Here are 10 of the best growth stocks to buy that could still deliver big returns for investors. Next:Alphabet Inc. (ticker.