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Forex platen terrarium backgrounds large value vs large blend stock

Forex platen terrarium backgrounds

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Like all Exo Terra natural terrarium decorations, the colour and texture of the Rock Terrarium Background has been chosen to create a perfectly harmonized environment, humid or dry. The deep ridges in the back are perfect to hide wires or tubing from pumps or Heat Wave Rocks. The background is made from black polystyrene, so it will not be obvious when the background is accidentally damaged white polystyrene is very obvious when the coating is damaged.

Polystyrene has the advantage of providing insulation and is easy to cut to fit any size of terrarium. They are free of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Natural rubber is used as glue which is completely save for the animals. The material can be cut easily and can be quickly adapted to any terrarium size. Coco Backgrounds are also an excellent subsoil for plants. Tillandsias, vines and tendril plants can be planted on the background and quickly adhere to the coco fibres.

With our Coco Backgrounds you can easily create an attractive surrounding in your terrarium. Lucky Reptile Cork Backgrounds consist of pressed natural cork, covered with decorative layer made from bark of the cork oak tree. These backgrounds offer additional climbing space to the animals and increase the attractiveness of the terrarium. The backgrounds are easy to cut and can be installed easily thanks to its smooth back. Under normal circumstances cork does not get mouldy and is suitable for desert and tropical terrariums.

Tropical Turf has a loose structure of many natural fibers and it can store a big amount of water! With these properties it can be used perfectly for side- and backwalls, as ground substrates or even for the coating of constructions or waterfalls. Tropical Turf is even a good alternative for Xaxim, since Xaxim is quite hard to get these days. Tropical Turf is a purely natural product and with enough water and the right lighting a lot of plants, like bromeliads, mosses, ferns and other bog plants can be grown on it!

Please note: Naturally, Tropical Turf has lower pH 3,5. Which means it is not suitable for all plants! It is important to choose only those plants which can handle that. To raise the pH a little you can even manure Tropical Turf. Creating exciting naturalistic habitats with living plants has never been easier using the step by step products available from ProRep.

First a structural framework is created using polystyrene or expanding foam. This colouring pigment is mixed with the sealing resin to create a colour which matches the desired effect in the terrarium. Adding more or less of the pigment will determine how dark or light the colour is, and the pigments can be mixed to create different colours. Then this is textured using the ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound sold separately , before being waterproofed using this sealing resin.

It can be couloured using a ProRep Terrascaping Colour Pigment sold separately by mixing the pigment into the resin to create the required colour and shade. It is then applied to a background, glass, wood, etc. This water based resin is used straight from the tin.

It is not solvent based and so it does not have the offensive smell associated with silicone. Once cured the resin is inert and is safe to use in all environments, including fully aquatic set ups. Simply create a basic structure with polystyrene, celcon block or expanding foam. Then create a natural looking surface by applying ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound, and model to look like rocks or wood.

The resin can be left bare or have bark, coconut fibre or sand pressed into it to make a rough, naturalistic surface which allows moss and plants to grow up it. This powdered modelling compound is used for the second stage. The power is mixed with water to make a paste and then spread over the basic structure to make a textured, realistic base ready for sealing. We have a range of backgrounds in a number of styles, shapes and sizes.

Though these are mainly designed for the back walls of glass terrariums the larger sheets can be cut down to fit vivariums. We stock a range of styles from natural woods and stones to create a naturalistic theme. These backgrounds also come in a range of shapes from flat plates to outcrops and some even include walkways. My Account. Contact us. Wishlist 0. Bearded Dragon Vivariums. Chameleon Vivariums. Leopard Gecko Vivariums.

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