pabrai checklist investing in mutual funds
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Pabrai checklist investing in mutual funds combination of indicators for binary options

Pabrai checklist investing in mutual funds

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Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are. I want to do the same thing with investing. I want to surround myself with investors who are smarter than me and never have an original thought or idea about investing. My intention is to completely fill my brain with investing thoughts and ideas from the greats like Buffett, Munger, Pabrai, and Li Lu, and leave no room for my original bad ideas.

This is why I constantly read about these investors and listen to their lectures and talks. I never want to have an investing thought or make a stock purchase on my own. A clone aspect must always be involved, things like seeing a Superinvestor I follow buying a stock, seeing a board member make an insider buy, etc. Always clone! Is this is business results investing style investment?

Business results investing is simple. Is this business going to do better in the future? Are they going to make more money? Seriously, how can I lose money on this investment idea? Take a few minutes and think about downside scenarios, how I could lose money on this investment, and how likely those scenarios are.

I only want growing pies. How big is the potential payoff? If this is not a growing pie, I better have a large payoff that comes with very low risk, do I? What am I selling to free up funds to buy this new stock? It is too easy to sell what looks like a fully-valued great business run by a great manager or even a wonderful business that can be run by an idiot in order to free up money to invest in a very cheaply-priced bad or normal business.

In fact, it often feels right. But this is a very dumb thing to do. Just say no! Unless it is just egregiously overvalued, never sell a wonderful business and never sell a great business run by a great manager. Ride with the tide, hold, and enjoy your riches! I need to be unreasonable, am I being unreasonable? Is this a no-brainer? Saves you time and protects your capital.

In the interview, Charlie explains a four item checklist that he and Warren run investment ideas through before they decide whether or not to buy a company or stock. A transcript of what Munger said about their checklist is below.

Does the business have a moat? I also like to add energy, as Buffett has said you want people with integrity, intelligence, and energy. And then of course, we would vastly prefer a management in place with a lot of integrity and talent. I like to use the Munger 4 checklist as my first filter because of its simplicity and breadth. It will filter out most bad ideas very quickly and allow us to move on and continue our hunt for value. With this question we want to avoid a Valeant Pharmaceuticals situation.

Valeant was making a ton of money by loading up on debt, buying other drug companies, severely jacking up prices, and not doing much research and development. This was not sustainable for society. Government and consumers pushed back and the company ran into tons of problems and the stock price tanked. Here we want to avoid an Enron situation. We want to avoid companies whose books are being played around with.

Does the company actually produce real cash flow? And is that cash flow close to the reported accounting earnings? For a long time in the airline industry, the dumbest competitor could lower their prices to an unsustainable level, take business away from you in the short term, and in the long term bankrupt the entire industry since their prices were not sustainable for anyone.

We want to avoid businesses whose products or services can be replicated by a lower cost country who would put us out of business. Munger and Buffett bought Cort Furniture in It leased office furniture. We want to avoid businesses that are reliant on temporary tailwinds and bubbles for their success. Could I sleep at night if this business was all I owned? Simplicity is the highest form of intelligence. We want to make simple decisions.

Could we explain this investment decision to a child? Can we explain this investment decision in just a few sentences? If not, what are you doing? What does the future look like, could it be magical? Example — As I write this in , Costco could one day replicate their business across the world and grow exponentially from that, that would be magical. Is a temporarily high earnings number causing the PE to be lower than it will be going forward?

Market is offering it for today? Will the PE valuation rise? Will earnings rise?

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Pabrai checklist investing in mutual funds 401
Mt forex How is artificial intelligence influencing Mr. Market is offering it for today? Will the PE valuation rise? We live in the age of artificial intelligence. And this checklist is never completed. Is a temporarily high earnings number causing the PE to be lower than it will be going forward?
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Tim Timothy W. Dietrich is a great partner to have and will continue to lead Stone Trust. He works hard to be over reserved and profitable on underwriting. He need not work for a living, however he is passionate about his work and Stone Trust. When I invest capital for Pabrai funds, Dhandho Holdings will be one among the many opportunities available at that time.

The decision to buy Dhandho will be based on the price and its valuation at that time. Your post is exceptionally helpful, thank you! Hari, exceptional post. Fantastic answers. Did he say anything about how he thought this low interest rate environment might play out? Thanks Preston, He did not talk specifically about the low interest rate environment but he did talk about the investment options available now, and according to him it has reduced to few moderately attractive options and hence he has started exploring investments outside U.

S recently. The research I have made so far about Mr. Pabrai has turned out very positive. Hari- thanks for sharing. In previous years, Mohnish has posted transcripts of his annual meetings on pabraifunds. Anytime Mike, thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad I took notes though. What month, and which exchange?

Dandho Holdings will most likely IPO by end of this year. Most likely after October if I remember correct. It will go IPO in U. Did you attend the Pabrai Annual Meeting this pass weekend? If so will you be writing another summary of what was presented? I look forward to reading anything you have to share. Name required :. Email required :. Your comment required :. I have more than 20 years experience in the information technology IT industry. First Name Email address:.

Aubrey ran into financial and ethical trouble and was ousted by the board of directors Chesapeake Energy was going through a change in management with the appointment of Doug Lawler as CEO and election of Carl Icon and Lou Simpson to the board. My expectations and assumptions when I invested in Chesapeake Energy were : The core business had great underlying assets There are few shale formation in U.

S and there is less possibility of discovering new shale formations In the long run Natural Gas will do better and there is a high probability that ratio between crude oil prices and natural gas are restored. The U. S govt will be lobbied by European countries to allow Natural Gas exports from U.

S Though I was not counting on that The new management will bring back spending discipline and profitability Though I still believe in the long term prospects for Natural Gan and Chesapeake Energy, It did not meet all my expectations. Q Are Dividends an important part of your investment decisions?

South korean culture and work ethic is also a strong advantage Q How has your process of investment selection changed over time? Using a checklist before making an investment keeps me safe from biases and overconfidence. I try to stay towards the center of my circle of competence and would rather not test the edges.

Q How do you read annual reports of tech companies like Google? There is no other indicator that you can use as effectively to select funds for investment. Index funds offer you probably the ideal hedge against varying performance across sectors and across fund managers over longer-periods of time. Investing in specific sector funds is recommended for aggressive investors. However, if you are not in close touch with the developments in the sector or do not review your portfolio regularly, we would not recommend investing in sector funds.

Management fees, annual expenses of the fund and sales loads can take away a significant portion of your returns. Try and avoid funds that have a sales load, unless of course they have a consistent track record of being a top-performer. Since you will be giving past track record a consideration, you are inadvertently relying on the continuity of the fund manager.

Stay away from mutual funds whose fund managers change often. As far as possible avoid investing in funds with an asset base of less than Rs25 crores. Which means that we are recommending you invest in funds only after they have established a track record. And unless it is a really exciting new theme fund that fits into your asset allocation plan, try and avoid new funds. Check out the customer service delivery mechanism of the mutual fund you choose. Can you get in touch with them easily? How long do they take to disburse payments?

How often do they send you portfolio updates? And investor newsletters? These questions are important to address because shortcomings on any of these factors could affect your overall returns. Do not hold just one fund in each asset category.

Its good to diversify your risk between different funds, but do not overdo it. Don't let a top performing fund veer you away from a disciplined approach. Stick to your chosen asset allocation plan. Try to review your mutual fund holdings atleast once a quarter. You can read more about this approach by clicking Step 3: Invest Monitor and Review. Try to make mutual fund investing an integral part of your savings and wealth-building plan.

The monthly investment plan option offered by some mutual funds is a strongly recommended approach for you to execute this process. By now you would have identified your list of mutual funds that you want to invest in. List them down with reasons for your intended purchase.

Next, you can fill in the application forms for these funds. GAIN Rs. Designed especially for traders looking to tap the profit opportunities of volatile markets. Reproduction of news articles, photos, videos or any other content in whole or in part in any form or medium without express writtern permission of moneycontrol.

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The Dhando Framework and Investing Philosophy · Focus on buying an existing business · Buy simple businesses in industries with an ultra-slow rate of change · Buy. This is my current investment checklist. The idea of an investment checklist came from Mohnish Pabrai, and I believe his motivation to create an investment. Checklist shows possible failure points I used to believe in a 10x10 portfolio until Q p. Lessons Learned from Graham's entire framework emerged after.