tig welding pipe basics of investing
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Tig welding pipe basics of investing forex brokers regulated by fsa cranks

Tig welding pipe basics of investing

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I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make it. I graduated from high school and I've got a little bit of college in background, but there's a lot of things in that CWI class and on the exam that I did not have exposure to, so I had to do some serious studying. Fortunately, I was persistent and optimistic and I conquered that challenge.

KA: Since I was a welder on the pipeline for 30 years, I know a lot of these guys whose work I'm inspecting. But I also give them respect in return. I think that's a misconception a lot of people have, that once you become an inspector, you get to be high on the food chain. I respect the welders, and if they have a problem, I look at the situation they're in and we try to come up with a good solution, one that fits within the parameters of the guidelines that we have to go by as inspectors.

TW: What are some things you wished you had known when you first started out as a pipeline welder? KA: Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. In reality, those two years were only a few months and they got laid off. I think I learned the hard way to only believe half of what I hear but all that I see.

What helps is learning to trust what your brothers—your co-workers—have to say about a contractor. Armentrout said his co-workers became like family to him, which helped make the tough days easier. Just try to get by with the bare minimum for a while. And I would love to be able to tell you that image doesn't play a factor in this industry, but it does. They want to look good and have all the new stuff, but they go into debt in the process.

Also, ask a lot of questions. Keep your eyes and ears open so you can soak up as much information as possible. They can show you stuff that will probably blow your mind. I'm 47 years old and I still learn new tricks of the trade. Elgin, IL Email Amanda Carlson. Before joining The WELDER , Amanda was a news editor for two years, coordinating and editing all product and industry news items for several publications and thefabricator.

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Amanda Carlson. FMA Communications Inc. See More by Amanda Carlson. About the Publication. Stay connected from anywhere. Trade Showcase. Trending Articles 1. Welcome back! Please sign in to your acccount Email. Semi-automatic, mechanized and automatic modes of welding process or their combination shall be utilized for long distance pipelines for increasing productivity and timely completion of the project.

Root pass and hot pass are performed by manual welding process and remaining passes by semi-automatic process. Location of welding: The girth welding of the pipeline is performed in situ at the location through which the pipeline is traversing i.

Therefore, the ambient temperature, humidity etc. For performing welding of the pipes in freezing or near freezing temperatures require preheating of the pipes to minimum 16 o C to prevent any thermal shock in the HAZ. If the location lies in tropical rain forests or high humidity location such as lay barge working near Indian or African coasts, utilization of low hydrogen electrodes results in porosity. Under such condition normal cellulosic electrode, which needs moisture for arc stabilization, gives sound weld than low hydrogen electrode.

In case other requirement does not give the privilege of avoiding low hydrogen electrode, the electrodes must be baked to reduce their moisture content before welding. Sometimes, pipelines are to be laid in existing trench wherein clearance around the pipe is not sufficient for traveling by the automatic welding machine all around the line pipes. In such condition, the manual or semi-automatic process may be used. Tight construction schedule demands to lay the pipeline at a faster rate, which demands higher productivity with minimum repair rate.

In offshore, construction duration becomes directly proportional to the project CAPEX, as the charges of barge deployed for construction are based on day rates. The progress of construction in pipelines is therefore mostly monitored by a number of joints welds per day. Mainline welding has been therefore developed as a mass production process.

Factory beveled pipe ends to support downhill welding process for faster welding is a norm in the pipeline. Most of the lay barges utilize fully automatic welding process GMAW for welding the line pipes for achieving faster weld rates and minimum repairs. Precaution must be taken in the selection of pipe end bevel for pipes proposed to be welded by automatic welding, as different automatic welding machines require different kinds for pipe end bevels for proper fusion.

Due to this, beveling of the pipes is sometimes carried out on the barge. Repair rate may shoot up if trained operators are not deployed to operate the automatic welding machines. Also, laying stresses in the pipeline during installation may result in straining of the weld reel laying. In case of service fluid being corrosive, the weld metal also has to also resist such degradation.

Girth weld in hydrocarbon pipelines has to meet all requirements in terms of minimum tensile strength, fatigue strength, fracture arrest properties, corrosion resistance, hardness, ductility etc. Therefore, selection of welding process, electrode, and other welding parameters shall consider these requirements beforehand. Poor quality of welds not only hinders project progress but reduces the reliability of the overall pipeline system.

Many times, pipelines are laid in the remotest locations. Pipeline girth welding should meet the highest quality parameters, as once the pipeline is laid and installation spread is demobilized from that location, it becomes very difficult to approach the location for any repairs in future. If a pipeline gets damaged, not only significant revenue is lost and damage is caused to the environment, but also the leakage causes a potential danger to the local population.

A small incident of failure can shake the confidence of the locals. This will make execution of the future projects much difficult. Therefore, welding process shall be selected such that girth welds Ref 1 are of high quality to ensure more reliable pipeline systems. Lack of breathable air in confined spaces is one of the commonest reasons for accidents. Exhaust fans shall be deployed to prevent accumulation of harmful fumes in the welding enclosures.

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3 Amazing Tricks for TIG Welding Small and Thin Pipes - Tips and Hacks

1. Ensure the cleaning of the material and place to be welded Before starting any welding procedure, make sure that everything is free of impurities. Know what TIG Welding is. Learn the advantages of this technique and ensure your professional future with the Pipe Masters Academy course! Compared to basic stick welding machines, a good TIG welder is more expensive. However, if you want to master TIG welding and reap its benefits, the investment.