nito ryu basics of investing
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Nito ryu basics of investing forex forums

Nito ryu basics of investing

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Additional things to keep in mind:. Regardless of which nito kamae you will assume, sei nito, or gyaku nito when you reach the kaishisen line and go into sankyo, both shinai will be in your left hand. Use your right hand to place the appropriate shinai in your left so that the kensen is pointing toward your opponent. Using your right hand again, grasp the shinai you intend to hold in the right by the tsuba, and assume chudan no kamae.

This is the correct way to manage the shinai movement for sei nito shoto left, daito right and gyaku nito daito left, shoto right. The motion is reversed at the end of the match during noto. Striking with the Shoto The minimum requirement for making yuko datotsu using Shoto is to have the Daito physically control pressing the opponent's tachi at the time of the strike. However, it is generally rare that striking by Shoto will result in a yuko datotsu.

It is important that Shoto is below toward the opponent and Daito is on top closer to you so that your two tsuba and the opponent's one tsuba 3 in total are all in contact with each other. It is ok to come out of this position when you attempt to strike, however coming out of this position without doing anything is a penalty.

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a few things. The requirements for nito kendo are very vague and I do not see any official kyu or dan level where one would be allowed to use nito. I have asked a few people who say to wait until san dan 3rd dan to start but I am not sure whether such a thing would be smart. They say that learning both will end up confusing my understanding of maai which I do not believe will happen at all.

I am generally open to actively pursuing venues of interest to me and I am a strong believer of being well-rounded. I think that practicing both itto and nito would be extremely beneficial. I am actively pursuing kendo right now and I am very interested in nito. I have read The Book of Five Rings numerous times and know all the basics of nito kendo.

But I want to practice the waza but am unable to do so effectively by myself. So long story short: 1 When can I, according to the rules of kendo , officially practice nito during keiko? Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much. Answer: Thank you for your post. In general, those stances other than chudan are learned when your teacher suggested practicing those stances.

In other words, you need permission from your teacher. Therefore, your kyu and dan are irrelevant. I, personally, disagree with kyu holders take a jodan or nito. They still have a lot to learn such as, hasuji the direction of the blade , tai-sabaki , ashi-sabaki and so on.

Now having said that, I am going to share my personal opinion. You can learn more about kendo. Once people reach at certain level, I think they should experiment jodan and nito as well. I do not know how a copy of the book you have translated this. Hopefully, the translation is similar to the one I translated.

If you learn chudan thoroughly, you can learn nito very easily. I have Japanese Gorin-no-Sho but it does not give enough information such as how you actually use two swords. Probably you have to get detailed information about actual techniques from somewhere. Kendo-World magazine have a series on nito They just issued Volume4.

Hope this helps. Click here to read or post comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Kendo Work Shop. I'd like to share my situation and receive feedback. I am 1st dan Kendo, and I practise 2 sessions of 2 hours each a week. I will be 40 this year and have been at this rhythm for 2 years and expect to maintain or increase intensity.

I always wanted to do nito because it seems so natural to have a sword in each hand, like having a ski on each leg instead of a mono-ski or swimming front crawl instead of butterfly style.

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6 Experts Reveal Their Secrets For Building A Great Investment Strategy (for ) yolic.xyze I had the privilege of talking with some well-known. We create this page to hopefully offer you some basic and advanced knowledge of investment so that you can learn and become the captain of your own finance. What is the most practical martial art against an unarmed opponent? And I can sort of understand that: if you're going to invest in martial training.