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An exception is, however, made in the case of an author who is better known by his patabendi name, a cross-reference being given from this to the European surname, or vice versa. Regarding the transcription of headings, it has been found absolutely necessary to follow, as far as practicable, one uniform system, in order to avoid endless confusion respecting names which occur at one time in Sanskrit garb and at other times in Pali or Sinhalese forms.

It has therefore been made a rule to use the Pali form in the case of a Buddhist monk's name, and the Sanskrit in that of a lay patabendi name. On the other hand, the different ways of spelling surnames of European origin, such as Perera, Pereira, de Soysa, de Zoysa and Soyza, have been carefully preserved. DON M. Indian Institute, Oxford, Fehrnary 2bth, But as the change of aya to e, so common in Pali, is of continual occurrence in the Sanskrit patabendi names of the Sinhalese, I have retained in the majority of instances the form Vijevikrama when it is adopted by the author.

When, however, these two symbols are attached to vowel-signs, initial or non-initial, they denote long vowel-sounds. A modem erotic poem. See Abhatabatka Yiekamasihha D. Bouddha Stottraya. Drashti [i. Drishti-] darpanaya. Oalle, See Upuam E. The Mahdvansi, etc. Badoura [translated] by [Don H. Abhayaratna, and founded on the story of the prince Cameralzaman and the princess Ba- doura in E.

Lane's English version of the Arabian Nights. A short treatise on venereal diseases and on the properties of some drugs and foods. See Arabian Nights. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. Abhaya- sekhara. A sermon [on Rev. Goone- wardene. The life of Saint Paul. A SiDhalese poem in Btanzas.

Galle, An astrological work on marriages. A catechism on astronomy and astrology. Waniing Pt, 4. See Susbuta. Abhayawardhane Appuhamy. A Pali poem, in stanzas, on Gotama Buddha, accom- panied by a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation, both traditionally ascribed to Yeliyita Saranan- kara. History of Selestina. A story, seemingly European, derived from Tamil sources, in stanzas. Third edition. Colombo, A comic tale about an imaginary silk garment, in verses. A comic poem in stanzas.

Yidyodaya Parivena. See Pebiodical Publications. Yakkun Nattannawa, a Cingalese poem, etc. The Yogavacara's manual of Indian mysticism, as practised by Buddhists. Bhys Davids and printed in European characters , pp. London, Two erotic poems in and 16 stanzas respectively.

On the Buddhist contro- versy, called Dussila-dana-vadaya, regarding the giving of alms to the unorthodox. Church Mission Press ; Cotta, The Uract No. I3j follomng 17 in the volume, seems to be an error in numbering for No. Important Truths of Christianity A poem in atanzas founded on the Kusa- Jataka.

Persian Paly [sie] entitled Indresabha. A Drama in 4 acts, founded on the Hindustani Play of Amanat. A game with 48 cards for six players, introduced by the Portuguese. Sumangala's commentary entitled Akhyatavyakhya. A poem in stanzas, founded on the Eusajataka. Edited by Don Andris Tudave. Second edition. Oolamboi [ Composed im? Eusajatake, by Ala- giyawanne Mukawety Edited by Pon Andris Tudave. With a verbal paraphrase probably founded on that of Jinavamsa Pannasara.

Eusajataka Eavya. An Eastern Love-story. Eusa Jatakaya. Steele [with notes and minor translations appended], pp. A poem on the Buddha in 95 stanzas, ascribed to the poet Alagiyavanna. The tianzas are arranged eateekeiieaUy in pain. Edited with an original verbal commentary by J. Subhasita, by Alagiewanna Mukawette, Paraphrased by R. See MedhakkabAj of Vijaya- hdhu' parivena. Sakyasinha Wastuwa Alwis of stanzas 68 — of the Jinacharita.

Chapter I. Visits of Buddhas. A reading- book. Third edition, pp. PMic Instruction Depart- ment ; Colombo, Public Instruc- tion Department ; Colombo, See Ceylon. First — Eighth Standard Reader. Bevised by S. First —Eighth Standard Reader. Seventh edition. See Ptlippu Sinno, O. AIWI8 Jambs de. See De Alwis J. AIWI8 N. See Aqha Hasan. See Vimukti-sangraha. Colombo, 1 Amara- siha. Edited by Amarasiha. Edited with an introduction and a commentary in Sinha- lese by Don A.

Edited by C. See Yedeha Thera. Ankotahatane, or A tale of the short-horned buffalo, shewing the cause for the Sollean invasion of [Ceylon,] B. A Pali poem on the Buddhist doctrine, with a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation by a second Ananda. Edited by Don A. Devarakkhita Bafu- vantudave. The Saddhammopaynaya [aic], etc. The Biography of Andra. Stanzas supposed to have been composed by Andare, a jester at the Court of one of the Kandyan kings, together with an account of his life.

David ; pt. Palangapati, and edited by M. Arnolis Appu. A poem in stanzas against devil-worship. Extracted from Ang. The usual Pali text, preceded by a pada-etiuma, or re-arranged and re-punctuated form of the text, and followed by an old interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.

The Pali text of Ang. Followed by an extensive commentary in Sinhalese prose. Followed by a lengthy interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese. Followed by Buddhaghosa's commen- tary on it, extracted from the Manorathapurani, and an interverbal interpretation in Sinhalese.

IneampleUy wanting pp. The Maithuna- sanyoga Sutraya. D, ]. Edited by Madagalle Siddhattha. Followed by a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation of the text, a translation, Baddhaghosa's Pali commentary on the 8uUa, and the Sinhalese interpretation of this commentary, together with other notes on the merit of alms-giving. Fol- lowed by Baddhaghosa's commentary on it, extracted from the Manorathapiirani, with a Sinhalese interverbal interpretation and a trans- lation of the same.

It runs 1 — 8, 17—24, although nothing in the text is missing. The Pali textof the Sattasuriynggamana-sutta, followed by its Sinhalese interverbal interpretation and the Loka-vinasaya, etc, a discourse on the end of the present and the beginning of next world. Uposatha-sutta, IJposathasuttraya. Animal Sacrifices. Prize Tract. Ceylon Religioue Tract Society; Colombo, Edited with a Sinhalese translation, notes, and an introduction by W, P. S [CoUmbo,] Antho- nisz. The life of St. Antony of Padua, etc.

A Pali work on Buddhist metaphysics, with the extensive Sinhalese inter- pretation of Sariputta. Compiled by Sri Sariputra Sanagharaja [sic]. Edited by Pannamoli Tissa, with the help of Dhammaratana Tissa. Pfliyago4a, Colombo, Dharma- ratne. See Dhabharatna, M.

A criticism on H. Devamitta's edition of the Abhidhammattha-sangaha. De Silva Devarakkhita Batu- vantudave. The Arabian Nights Enter- tainments. Translated pt. Karunaratna and pt. In progreee, Pt. Translated from an English version founded on A.

Oalland's translation, by D. Abhayase- khara. In progress. Imperfect, toanting pp. Stephen Abayaratna [from the English version of E. Arishta Satakaya, or A [San- skrit] treatise on the knowledge of Disease [in stanzas, with an interverbal translation into Sinhalese].

CoUmbo, A translation of some of the problems from the English, by N. Chrietian Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, See Biblb. The Holy Bible translated [by A. Armour and other mission- aries], etc. A letter. A letter in defence of the existing Singhalese ver- sion Armour and others]. An epitome of the history of Ceylon. Appendix to the epitome :— Translations of inscriptions [by A.

See Andars. The Biography of Andare, ete. Palanga- pati, and edited by M. A catechetical poem on the Buddha in stanzas. A Sanskrit treatise in 86 stanzas on the diagnosis of diseases in the eight principal members of the human body. Accompanied by a Sinhalese translation. The Geography of Asia for Schools. Christian Vernacular Education Society ; Colombo, On the merit of giving to Buddhist priests their ''eight requisites. See Pitumpa. The history of king Atula. Edited by Don D.

Gunatilaka Senaviratna. A work on the Buddhist doctrine and cosmo- logy. Followed by the Pali text of the Pati- chchasamuppada Yinaya-pitaka, I. Both edited by Bentara Saddhatissa. Balawatara Sangraha [founded on the Balaya- tara]. Composed by Reyd. Compiled and edited by Don A. Okondapola Sannaya, or A Paraphrase of Balawatara.

See London. Edited with annotations by Albert de Silva. Callet, Miss. Barnabas, pp. OoUmlo, A brief history of the Church of Christ. Kandy, See Kamba Nattarvar. Revised [and edited] by C. Kawmini Barana. A poem [in stanzas] on a pinkama [Buddhist festival] at Dangedara, Galle.

Owa Muthara. The Indian play entitled Bomlin. Don Bastian. Tillekaratne of Matara. Kalana mitu ru- wana. Permissu superiorum. Two works on medicine in Sinhalese verse, edited by B. See Behetquli-fota. GkS GkC0ts5cQ etc. See De Silya S. A treatise for the promotion of Singhalese poetic composi- tion, by the poet Badra Theroonansa, with para- phrase and explanatory notes.

Translated and edited by the Ber. Nanissara, etc. BIBUE, 0. An English translation of ''The Yeddha Lan- guage". A sale list of native medicines for various diseases. A collection of receipts for making various kinds of fireworks.

Practical fire-work making. A translation of a Singhalese pamphlet on fire-works. The Holy Bible, translated into Singha- lese [begun by W. Tolfrey and continued by B. Glough, J. Chater, A. Armour, W. Wesleyan Mission Press; Colombo, , The Ptalms and Proverbs bear the date , and iks New Testament Colombo, , The New Testament bears the date Lambrick, J.

Selkirk, and others,] missionaries from the Church Missionary Society. Church Mission Press; Cotta, Ceylon, , This translation is known as the Ootta version. Church Mission Press; Cotta, Ceylon, This New Testament has a special title-page in English and Sinhalese, in which it is called the second edition of the Cotta version. Wesleyan Mission Press; Colombo, Wesleyan Mission Press ; Colombo, Wesley an Mission Press ; Colombo, British and Foreign Bible Society ; London, See Clabke Adam.

Clavis Biblica. Translated into Cingalese. Pamons Children,. The Mirror of the Scriptures, etc. A letter addressed to the Committee of the Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society requesting a new translation of the Scriptures, etc. See Mendis F. First steps to the know- ledge of Bible History. Series for Aged Christians. Selections from the Bible, arranged so as to elucidate the Christian doctrine. The teleetions are neither from, ike Cotta version of , nor from the Sinhalese Bible of the Wesley ans.

Extracts from the Bible for the instruction of Christian converts. Old Testahent. Tolfrey, B. Clough and ' others. Apparently reprinted from the edition of the Bible of Het tweede boek Moses genaamt Exodas, in de Singaleesche tale overgeset en met de Grond-Text wel overeengebragt, mitsgaders met goedkeuringe van de hoogeoverheid deses Eylands. In 't ligt gegeven door Henricus Philipsz. Bronsveld [with the addition of Psalms i. With music ; no pagination.

Eng, and ainh. Odombo, Jonah: Chap. Fourth edition. Christian Vernacular Education Society; Colombo, New Testament. Fybrands en H. Fybrands and H. The Singhalese translation of the New Testament A revised edition, in smaller type, of the version in the Bible of — Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society; Colombo, A revised edition of the version in the Bible of — The four Ooepele only. The four OospeU only. Chounavel, Miss. Containing only the four OoepeU. The Gospel according to S.

Mathew in familiar Singhalese. Church Mission Press; CoUa, Versions of 1 Cor. Childers, 3 the autho- rized English version transliterated in Sinhalese characters. Followed by versions of the Lord's Prayer in English, etc. See PiSRis B. An abridgment of the history of the New Testament L Histories from the New Testament. Ohrietian Liter a- ture Society; Colombo, A School Arithmetic. S is a translation of his EngUih Vfork hsaring the same title, Second edition.

BLOK John. See Muyadby-dI-yata. C, Bishop of Jaffna and Archbishop of Colombo. See Psbeba V. A pastoral letter of the Archbishop of Colombo, condemning the Jacobite Schism. Perera and L. Buddha's birth-day. Buddha's four noble truths. Christian Vernacular Edu- caiion Society; Colombo, The continuation of the controversy may be found in the same series. A Eulogy on the Buddha, in 40 corrupt San- skrit stanzas of about the 18th century.

Another edition. See Akouttaba-nikIta. Praptakarma Sutra. See Anguttaea - nikIta. See Dhahhasena. L See Majjhima-nikata. See Majjhima-nikaya. Chetokhila Sutraya, etc. Pandita Parakramabahu, and a new explanation [i. See Haedy B. A Manual of Budhism. Janawanse, etc. No Salvation by Buddhism. Plain Reasons why I should give up Budhism and become a Christian A Christian tract against Buddhism.

OaUe, See Colohbo. A poem on the Buddha in stanzas. Imperfect f wanting pt, 1. See Ladt. To which is added a Sermon by the Bey. George Bnrder. Trans- lated into Singhalese, etc. See Sinhalese. The alphabet of the Singhali, etc. Translated from the English. A modem poem in stanzas on the life of St. Francis Xavier. Translated by J. A philological Miscellany: consisting of [English and Sinhalese] words etymologized ; allowable synonymies associated, and apparent ones distinguished ; with an appendix containing pronunciation directed, European words current in Cingalese, and Cingalese words resembling words of other languages, pp.

Wee- ley cm Mission Frees ; Colombo , The first Catechism. First book of lessons for Catholic Schools, pp. Ceylon Oovernment Railways. Translated from the English by Joseph Fonseka. First published by the Ceylon Government on June 23, Revised and enlarged by B. Cdomho, The Geography of Ceylon for Schools. Christian Vemaadar Hducation Society ; Colombo, Tenth edition. Christian Litn-atwre Society ; Colombo, Fifth edition. Christicm Vemamlar Edveation Society ; Oolomito, Baptist Missionary Society, Ceylon Branch.

Central Irrigation Board. Colombo, [UU. Extracta from the Code for Aided Schools, First —Eighth Standard Beader. Imptiftei; wanting pt. Wanting pt. Cdombo, ColovOio, WtaUing pt. Sixth edition. Sixth Standard Reader by C. Eighth edition, Pt. Ninth edition. De Siln Simon. J at ok BH. Johannei Co»E. BobertaoB W. Colmnbo, Think well on it, or reflections on the great truths of the Christian Religion for every day in the month.

A Sinhalese translation. Translated [into Sinhalese, word by word] and edited by the Bevd. Jina- ratane, etc. Rajasnndara Arachchi. Bevised by the Rt. Sumangala, etc. Sansh, and Sink, [Go- Umbo,'] See Bible. The Holy Bible translated [by J. See Lahbrick S. A letter in defence of the existing Singhalese version.

Chater, efc. A modem poem on the Buddha, his relics, and the Dagabas in Ceylon. How to have safe delivery and strong, healthy children. L, Misa. The New Testament translated by C. Chounavel, Roman Catholic Vicar-General. A grammar of the Sinhalese language. For the use of European students. Colombo,, Catholic Orphan Press ; Colombo, Lucy in Sinhalese prose. Church Mission Press ; Cotta, 1 Christian Ver- nacular Education Society; Colombo, Seventh Edition, pp.

The Great Truths of the Christian Religion. An account of the sacred Bodhi-tree and its offshoots in Ceylon. Originally drawn up for the instruction of two teerunanxes, or high priests of Budhoo, from the Island of Ceylon, by A. The Holy Bible translated [by B. Clough and other missionaries], etc. Sermons principally designed for Children, By a Lady. To which is added a Sermon by. Translated into Sin- ghalese by the Rev. Benjamin Clough, etc. Prayers selected from the Liturgy of the Church of England, and translated into Singhalese.

By Benjamin Clough. A dictionary of the English and Sin- ghalese, and Singhalese and English languages. New and enlarged edition [of vol. Edited by J. Scott and revised by B. Gunasekhara], pp. A story book for the in- struction of children in Christian virtue.

Church Missionary Society i [Colombo, A Christian story. Church Missionary Society ; Colombo, Sinhalese Grammar [in Sinhalese]. S o 6 C30 2SQ [sic] [Marga- sankhya. A poem in 80 stanzas descriptive of the road from Colombo to Kandy.

A list of names of Sinhalese Buddhists, male and female, issued by the Buddhist Theosophical Society. Buddhist Theo. Buddhist Tract Society. An illustrated publica- tion containing religious anecdotes and short articles for children. Colombo, [, etc. Colombo, , etc. Christian Literature Society continued.

Tracts containing selections from the Bible. Co- lombo, Da ada-maligaya. Pe Pinto I. De Silva C. De Silva laaao L. De Silva J. Jesus Christ. Periodical Publications. Temperance Beciter, Todd J. Bunyan J. Butt, afterwurdg Sherwoo4 M.

ChUd-birth, Christianity. Gogerly D. Modder E. Periodical PublicationB, -» Colombo. Sinhalese Beader. Sinhalese Table-book. Coles S. Colombo Idiiseum. Colombo Museum continued. Cata- logue of the Colombo Mnsenm Library. P41i, Sinhalese and Sanscrit Mannscripts. Compiled by S. Surasondasandesaya, or an Epistle per a Drunkard. A brief account of the history and excellency of the Scriptures.

Van Cuylenburg. Serenth edition. Followed by the Dahamgetamalava. With Dhamma- sena's paraphrase. A modem Buddhist poem on the Byils resulting from eating meat, and on other similar subjects. A vocabulary of astrological names of lihe different divisions of time, of planets, etc, in Sanskrit stanzas with their Sinhalese equivalents, followed by the Kendraliyana - kramaya, on casting horoscopes.

The love story of a prince named Dala and his younger sister Gin, in 68 stanzas. The Dalada Maligawa. Vidydsdgara Press ; [Colombo,] A poem, in stanzas, against the Buddhist monks of the Ambagahapitiya fraternity, disputing the validity of their ordination and ' confirmation ' or re- ordination.

A Buddhist treatise on alms- giving. Siyabas Lakara. See Vemha Thiba. See Digha-nieata. Translated [word by word, into Sinhalese,] and edited by N. Dodanduwa, DAVn J. See Andabe. The Biography of Andra, etc. Compiled by J. A tract on the omens derivable from sneezing on the several days and hours of the week. Translated from a Malay alam original by J. A compilation of stanzas from various old authors, for use as imprecations.

See Acadbmies. The Yogavacara's manual of Indian mysticism, etc. Edited by T. Rhys Davids. Wassantara Comedy. Founded on the Yessantara-jataka, by H. Vaidya- natha. Edited by A. See Pathta-vakta. Published by A. See Dattabama Chaube. See Alwis D. See Vedeha Theba. The Sidath Sanga- rawa, a grammar of the Singhalese language, [and the Vibat-maldamaJ translated into English, with introduction, notes, appendices, by J.

De Alwis. A poetical description of the crowd at the Colombo horse- races of September and The Sinhalakula Puwata, etc. Edited by V. See Yagbhata. Ashtanga Hridaya. Translated into Sinhalese by W. B, de Alwis, etc. A manual for Buddhist worship, consisting of Pali texts with Sinhalese comments and instruc- tions regarding their use.

In two acts,] pp. See Selkjbk J. Female character. A Christian poem in 66 stanzas, founded on materials derived from the Bible. Ceylon Religious Tract Society ; Colombo, See Colombo. Perera en L. See Febguson A. Ferguson's Inge Va. See Ababian Nights. The Arabian Nights Entertainments. Earunaratna and A. Edited with annotations by A. Glossary ,. De Silva and A. What have you got to lose. Solutions for life. Trust US Welcome. We value you. Bring it on. Not more of the same. Working harder.

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