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The optimal time to trade the forex foreign exchange market is when it's at its most active levels. That's when trading spreads the differences between bid prices and ask prices tend to narrow. In those situations, less money goes to the market makers facilitating currency trades, which leaves more money for the traders to pocket personally. Forex traders need to commit their hours to memory, with particular attention paid to the hours when two exchanges overlap. When more than one exchange is open at the same time, this increases trading volume and adds volatility—the extent and rate at which forex market schedule or currency prices change. The volatility can benefit forex traders. This may seem paradoxical.

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Jaka platfora dla forex exchange

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Below are some of the services and support that we offer by our Apple Certified Technicians. Perhaps nothing lUuatrnlos tho changing attitude toward Mr. Hoover an well as tho nnmo of tho Hoover dam. Tho chnngo was mado by Harold h. Ickoa, nocretary of tho Interior, In ». Thin wan during tho porlotl whon fooling prob- ably ran hlghoat agnlnnt Mr.

In an act of cQngroaa reatofod the nnmo to Hoover dam, a change that came long after moat criticism of Mr. Hoover had disappeared. Tho great dam la a fitting monument to tho memory of a srrent man. After the first Hoover commission completed its work the chair- man oatimhtqd its rocommendatlona eould save the federal govornrooiit sovon 'billion dollars annually. Ila estimated poanlbiB savinga from recommondntlonB of tho second Hoover commisaion around threq billion dollars a year.

Was donated to charity. Tho action was diaracteriatlc of Mr. Hoover who aorved hia govorn- wont and fellow citizens for tho sntlnfaq- " tluil sucli a e i i ili u mivu l ilm. Tho sraup, headed by Dr. Lawrence Qulgley. They habit- ually light up. Qulelay any.

It la Aoay. He hoa «ven ex- perimented with reveru smoklns of a pipe — smaU bowl apparently. But the practice la not likely to catoh on. The man who can't itand th« heat of the percolator handle analnat hi, hand la not Ilkoly. Murray Roas, prealdent of York university, offered sound advice to freshmen when he assured them that the-uso of atlmulanta would not help students become productive persons nor would the cultivation of an unkempt or un.

Hiere Is, as Dr. Rosa went on to point out. There can b« no substitute for consistent, determined and disciplined work. The-atudent who turns to pep pills, however, may be. In neither coae, of course, can stimulants be refforded as a solution, but Dr. Iloss, having Informed the freshmen that they should not look to tha pill box for help, might have gone on to offer a healthier nltemallve. A survey carried out among University of Tor- onto students by the student ndmlnlstmtlve coun- cil earlier this year revealed that half the male students and M per cent of the female students felt they heeded.

Perhaps, the moat slgnlllonnt point elicited by tho survey, however, wns that 18 per 'cent of the men and «3 per cent of tho women dtd not oven know that such limited counselling service, as exist at the unlvomlty were available to them. This by Itself should be enough to prompt uni- versity authorities to develop counselling services nnd encourngo their me by tho students.

Danr Pot Shots: I have two ndorablo ffroy kit- tens that need a good homo. Thoy are two months old. Phono or pick thorn up at East Third avenue. Call aflor 4 o'clock. Lee OBWttld was the prbioner of the Dallas police, nnd the police were responsible for the safety of bis person. The police faUod-ln. Ono la whlto dPd long hnired; ono Is black nnd brown.

Thoy nro. Soo them at Folia nvenuo onat. Wo may hnvo men- tioned it before, hut wo aro un- der doctor's orders not to Intigh, snoozo or cough for somothing liko six' months. And if you wont aa indication of tho difficulty of this assignment, iust try going ono full dny wUliout Inughlng, snoezina or coughing. Exporlonco has shown us how to avoid Bnoexing, however. It'a rather simple, providing you got a few seconds warning ot tho Im- ponding explosion.

Now we're working on wnys and moans ot avoiding cougps and finding n sultnblo aubstiluto for laughing. Soo tliom one mile west nnd one mito' north of Dead- man's cprner, Duhl. Four were brilliant. Bub the moat important of them, tliB presidency, for him turned out to be an unhappy and I blttor one.

I In his early; 30a he was con-' sldored the top' mining onelnoer In the world. And he was a millionaire by Pronldont Wilson took him to the Paris Peace conference and he did so well tlint John May' nard Keynes said he waa the "only man who emerged from the ordonl with an enhanced mputa tlon.

Ant In hla advancing old age after World war II he was rec' ognlxed as a groat public servant for the time and effort he gavo Presidents IVuman and Bison' hower tn reorganlslns the fed' oral government. But In his years after leaving the White House, If ho read what one American historian after an- other said about his presidency, It mtuit have been a scorrlnji oxperlsnco which, Ln hta life- time, ho could not hope to eraiie.

Hpover'a greatest mistake had been' In getting himself eleoted. In the campaign he made this ntatoment, thrown back at him many times later: "Wo In America today are nearer to tho final triumph over poverty than ever before In the history ot any land. Tlio faot ls that the Dallas police and prosecut- ing officials brought nn a good deal of the trouble themaelvci, parading Ojiwald around the corridors like an animal on display and seenilngly spending more time belnar Interviewed on television than Interrogating their prisoner.

They were at tho very least over-ooBer to cooperate wltJi the news media. Ids fingornnllB. Thoro nro aovcrni ciircH, not counling the dlalnsio- M atutt that can Iw applied to tho nails. If this doesn't work there's a moro drnstlc euro. It's simplo— just hnvo all your toolh pulled. Hsbit Filer Ho-hnd distinguished support for such optimism' Just four moptha before the O market crash the financial wizard, Ber- nard Boruch,.

For Inotance, Alexander Dana Moyes, financial mtr-m expect. HoOvor took office March' 4, on A false wave of prosperi- ty. Seven months latar came the crash, Unemployment spread until by It had readied about IS mil' Hon, banks failed, homes were lost, poopio woro hungry, soup Utcbons fed some, others sold applea on atreet comers, others starved In despair. Shron as tho depreaaion deep- enlid and spread across the world jloovor semed unable to realize tlie American' free enterprise sys- tem couldn't pull Itself up by Its own bootstraps.

He did many things to help. B billion dol- lare. He sponsored the Foderal Home. Loan bank which helped some iMople save their homes from a mort«age forocloaure a Bight months after the market crash M signed the Hawley' Bmoot tariff bill which raUed American tarltfa across the board from farm products to manu- factured ttoods to the hlffheat point In American history.

That aoenu incredible now. It aeomod Incredible then to the American Bankers association and Industrie! A protest was signed by 1, members of the American Economic associa- tion, warning that the tariff acl would mean dbiaster, The reaction wns fast In other eountriM whose i»wlucts were thus' frozen out of the American market.

Within two years 28 countries established higher tar- Iffa on American goods In ratal-; latlon. This country's trade divod furUier. Perhaps we should all offer a prayer for the right employ- ment of old age. Hoov- er's frame of mind through the past many years, Thbi author of 32 books and holder'Of more universities' hon- orary degrees— 60 — than any man In the world was working on his 83rd book when he, died. Fame had come early. But of- ten, aa with some famous men, the Individual saU weakens while the putjlla Image grows.

The lat- ter devours the former until the man Is no longer anything but what he would wish to appear. This never Interested Mr. Hoov- er, "A very 'umble man. On the faces of tha poor he could always see the melancholy of aecrot arithmetic. And he be- gan his publlo life bofore we ontorod World war I by being constantly aenb, like a fire en-. He came as though our nation' al eagle soared ocroaa any and all nkles of misery trailing from Its talons B'streamer that nad: Hope.

And In Allied and enemy countrlea alike thU. American monument to humanity was as welcome. Hoover was liternliy r « Uie rnaat wlUi Conrad. Hoover Uiat wrvod ni a imi flor of -all the phnses of insYn, and suaUlned him to Uib verv end.

Wilson road aloud to ,u wlfa from the Bible every nlsht during Uie war. Repeatedly, In turned io the Second CorlhUiU ana, chapter 4, venues o-o: " aro troubled on every iJde, yet not distreaaed; we aro pcrplcwii but not In despair; p! Hoover saw mankind not RS fated, but os atruggllnB. Qoni the sun, Oooth day, connth night. And a star, Lendeili all Bpeedetli all. To Uiolr mt. They were walked acroaa a prepared field and seeds drop- pod where their feet made an' IndentStlorir- A female cod- fish ylelda up to nine mlllloji eggs In a sos- aon, and If later.

It la hard for Jier to be proud ot her own, because she Isn't sure that what In hers Is hers. Traffic reminder: Although most of the driving is done by day. How much can you eat at time? An Australian once gulp' ed oyatori In an hour.

And a Chlcagofln who had no stop watch on hhn consumed 77 hamburgera at a slttjng, and D«rU relief before seeking federal help. He prombied that If the time ever pome when such direct help was retired. It would be pro- vided. For him tho time never came. He waa anything buL He wns a kind man. But ho had o fixed phlloBophy which belonged In a provloua century and waa now outdated. It was his greatest misundo rstiind Ing.

This is foJlowBd M. Whooping cough hns Joined the list of preventable diseaaes, but some children got it every year. Bocauae of- Its aerlousnosa most children aro Immunlf. Nb- body Bald no. If you want to walk on Ihi largest carpot In Uio world, tou might step upon the oii» thai floors tl] , Now , York Ooliuum' It covers two aorei.

Folklore: If the turkey hil thicker foathorn than musl il ThankflBlvlng time, It will b« a long cold winter. A drosm In a strange bed will come true. Talk to yourself and you hear thi d wll. A toothache Is tho aamo mrj. Now what do you think i funnmlTuUflt 1«. He's a tight, ropo walker. Help to the oUier follow U w old na mankind. But ono of thi first known admonlilona to hu- man charily wna exprBSBcd sboui 2, B,0. In the llnmmurabto cotlo: "juaUco bo done towldoiri, orphans, nnd the poor.

Paroxysma may also Induce vomiting which Is especially j dnngorotu because the attend- ant gnaplng for breath may, cause the child to choke on theH food hv-brlngs up. Por thls rea- son apeolal care U required In feeding an Infant, ' The formula should be warm anrirtJie. It in also wise to. JInt play would b»l. MwIo V. Nine perwns nttendod this vMk with tlie olitMeii. Club membere are. Awardi enrned durliTu thn pimt two yenrs were preflented to bnnd and chorua mfrnhom by Mm.

Ttie bnnd played throe niimbera. Flaher, route 1, nnd ooHts, defective oQiitpmcnt. Bhnub, roule i. Hill, route 3, Hnntien, 3fi. Hoinnn, 20, oxcoedlns srooa welKht. I'ollce- Court ChnrQiui. Judy aivcnii, fifin MndlKon nvenue, were dlnmlBAod. Sweet, sr. Dliitrlct Court A divorce wan sranted to Mm. Idaho Credit Service company. Melba A. Kofoed and Mrn. Hammond, Rupeiit Owvaldo Rjimon. Drunii was iiranUid n divorce fom Mrs.

Flora L, Bruna. Judffmont and untenoe was withheld on James Oraves, lley- hum, on two counts of srand larceny. Qua E. Jphnaon, Rupert, was ordonliilj-to pay n total o tl. Stunrt vs. Oaye O. The children were ordortod left with tho father until Judsment wna ordered. With new Industry wo would reap the benefits of additional employment and our fair share of tlie cur- rent Induntrlnl boom. Whnt do I mean by a reollstlo tnx climate? Well, tell you Just what I meahl A tax prosram tliat does not penalize business, like the inventory tax, for example.

Any tax proffrnm tlmt limits leirltlmata Rrowth and conduct - of buAlhea rotnrds tlie whole state. Wo must have Industrial. KMVT Ch. JUhI- nny llRhA«n, n. Huiun hud tnkim the lioaltlon thnt hU committee would not meet unloM It received direction from the eounoU.

But there rsmiinii a question or hOttf much the committee will do. State Ben. Wllllnm Dee, D. M m-i-A Nov. The fire wai dinovered nt mld-pifmilny IVlday and UO tuliiem wer« evaeualed frota. Ibe mine. Bubl Grange. Oertnida FaHlnB«r, Mra. Arnold TannleV, oourteiy; Mn. Thomaa, bmevoVenM; M«. Reoolutloni to be presented at Mtate aranffs leulonj were nctod on and Mri. Karl ITarllnBcr eave ilia flower oommlttoo rciurt for Uie year. Xt wai announced Uie meetlnir time haa been chnneed from pjn.

Harland, expreaslns appreciation for the cardji and letteri aent her on th» lllneai and death of her husband. It was noted. Arthur ralrchlld Mtended approolntlon to -the amnge members for the cour- tesies shown her during a recent Illness. It was voted to purohaae ooplei of the O range dlgast, oonstltu- tlon and by-laws of the atate Orange, nefreshmenta were served by Mr. Ob« ter Hobson. Itaipb llnrdlnjr. Idaho Pttwer eempany. William R.

BmlU , ninth' alrntoBlo oerospaoe wbyr commander, said In addition to ths inspection tour, Ohurch will be' irlven n facilities brleflnn on operations at the base, AcoompanybiB Ohurch will be his wife and a pat'ty of from six to eight of hit assistants and secretaries. Paul B. Jfohn FhlUlp Sotua. He gathered bis musical gmup and Immediately strtiek up tew numbers. Tliottaands gathered outside to wish President and Mrs.

Hoover well. BOiaB, Oct. Robert IB. Kraus, dean of tlui Unlvertlty of Idaho college of agriculture. Beydf SS, Pullman, Wash. OS about seven miles Month of Meseow. Andmen Is tha am of Mr. OlMi O. BraekotU nmt« i, Twin FkOs. Bach member U to brbtg a wrappedfltan to be used for game iHiiias. Assisting Mrs. Ward with arrarifeements «r« Mrs. Zlnk, Mrs. Harvey Grlndstaff and Mra. Ouest apeaur was olarenoe Beyer, piler, who itave reasons for opposition 'to the establish- ment of a junior ooUege dis- trict bi Twin paili oounty.

BtonemeU and Mr, and Mm. Ray Ward. White, Jr. Jordan nald while he sup- ported tho measure, alonR with 'other members of the Idaho deiegtiUon, It was. Ben, Worrcn Magnuson, D. On hand to gr«et the first en an eastboand flight from BeatUe-Tsoema was a crowd of several hundred, including' atate and city offldabi. Miss Louise Shadduok, seeretary of the I state department of oammerce and development, offlolated at ribbon eutdng oeremonles at he fact of he plane's passenger ramp.

Mountain Home and lligby wars chosen to head the freshman, sophomore. Junior and senior dnssos at Idahd Stats university this week,. Dlreoton nominated Include Jay MoBrlde. Three dlraotors are to be elect- ,. The person ws-i eelvlng the third Urgest number' of votes will be the dhwjtor'forl the one-year term. About iOQ «t«idents voted. Ballots, eleotlaa derfcs and itg' Istratlon were followed, aooordlng to Jegal retiulremenbs, with the foUowlci 'weulU noted:.

Oeprge Hansen. M; for Ooodlng county state sen' atcr, Fredrlckson. GulnnMi Aeiim «. S linlinry. Arthur Dyoo 25l i» W«truolor«. Thif Ir. Bold wlUi Mr.. Ora Joneji. LouffhmlUflr, Mri. Oron Jonon nnd Mrn. J, BOH. Dinner will be aorvod at noon. Members ara Mked to brim ft covered dlf.

Sveryone wns urjed to donnte blood. Tlie Hol- UiUr Oranoe will iponiior n pot- luck luppor at 7 p. A ipetker will bIva. Deryl Kunkle nave the Uuon on voflnjr. Tha next meetlnir will -bs hold Kor. Rldmrd Noh nnd Uri. Peter Thornton aro hoat- cues. Oorl JClnney oonduotad Oh meetlnir and led the de- nUonil jlervlce. John Shaw ided as secretary In the absence tt Un.

James Pnte, who was Hurley, lieli a Japaneae dinner nt the home nf Mra. Shown from left are, Mrs. Alvln Temple and Mrs. Jny Moylo were co-hofltea. Yamnoka wns born nnd rmlMd In Japan and her late huR- band wnn a proresjilonal cook. Oordon nialr wna In dinruo of decora' lions. The dintntt table wns decorated with an Oriental centerpiece flanked by candles.

Harold Holalnifer, Wendell, was BUe. Other Bucata wero Mrs. Tlinyor, Hnsermnn; Mra. Theta Bodkin, Newport, Ore. The next mootinn will -bo nt 3 p. Tomas Glbaon. Dornn Duller was hosloaa. Mrs, Arden WIckel, conductlnB. Lloyd nlno save n domonstrntlon on how to make ribbon flowers, A fried chicken dlnper wns anrvcd to the sroup at noon by the Relief society proaidoncy, Mrs. Arden Wlckol, Mrs. Lovlna Tuttle and Mra, Artluir Ward. Prnycra were clvcn by Mrs, Mal- bourn Barker nnd Mra.

Oamer Jny Moyle, Mm. Kenneth IfVank anil Mm. T1i« Maijioma was festively decorated With hanxlnir Japaneaa lanlerna and Japanese umbrflllns. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Vcrno Carson. Wedneaday at the homo of Mra, Paul Bandy for a nb-host luncheon.

Thursday at tho Bairdltorlum. Thia la tlie first dnnco of the fall senion and all members and in- terested round dancers are urfted lo attend. Srlnff deasert or landwlchei. Tueadoy at the Moose home. Drill pmctic« will ba hold foUowlns the meetlnir. She emphnalzed 1U occomphahmenta and unelul- nean and pointed out that Uiia Is the first time man has the tools and capabilities to turn nuclear enertry into peace.

Gary Grlndatnff, ncllnii prealdent, presented Mra, Hill n ooreaBo. Kenneth Shmdor Bavo the devotional aorvlce. Robert Peterson prencnted the courtesy committee report. Donnld Wright pointed out October la tlio montli of prayer and aelf denial with a quiet day of prayer to bo ob- torvBd Thursday. QoorRe Llko- neaa; Mnrtlin circle with Mrs.

Ralph Albeo; Pi-iacllia circle with Mrs. Hatfield, nnd Naomi circle witli Mrs. William Miller. W lodBO convention Nov. Likeneiw "will. Lawrence Roublnok introduood-ffUeatJi. O, Nobeker. Tlie business mcctlnoLJvaajionaucLcct. Dert Pllimore.

LflOrn WlillnniB wna elect- ed lotlio-oftlco. A libtory of Hyrum Sti-ontf ' wna Rlvpii by Mrs. Pill- more and refreshments wore Hirvpd by the hontpsa, Hpmemokers Club Officers. Oct; 30 — Officers for the H fl4-fl5 year for tho Mer» rey Homemakors club were an- nounced at tho meeting at tho homo of Mra.

Jonva Gunnlnff. GunnlnR, council ropreaentaUvo; Mra. Ben Morgnn, second council reprCBontatlve, and Mra. Pierce, alternate ropresontatlvo. Mra, Newberry was in cTiarne of the work project, tho makhiB of namo plates to be uaed at the council Ohrlatmaa carnival to be held at the OoodlnB Granffo hall.

Granso hall. Tho club ropreaentatives will attend the workahop Nov. Norman Mfranda Lt a new club member. Members displayed samplca of Christmas Ideas to be presented nt the Christmas carnival. Games were directed by Cheryl Nowiand nnd Sally Crane. Lealio Dana li leader of this Broup. Do not overcook, be sure sugar is completely dlaiiolved Remove from heat and atir' in one teaspoon soda, atir well and pour over popcorn coatlna all kernels well.

Rinse the handa In cold water and ahape into balls. Do not Breaae Uie handa aa the com does not ahape up oa well. ThlB doea hot harden rapidly nnd can be molded Into nice balls. You may alinpe the bnlia nround nn nil-day aucker to pro- vide a handle. Docornto tho bails with llfoaaver candles, chicken corn or amali gumdrops for fenturea. Mnkes 30 to 34 nice popcorn balls. BOO, World war I veterans auxiiinry.

Roy Gaakili wna nom- Innted for proaldont; Mra. Williams, aenlor vice prealdent; Mra. Eldon Schullst, Junior vice prealdent; Mra. Ornnt Kunkle, treasurer; Mra. Bteama, conductreaa, and Mra. Prod Bua- "well, guard. Tho BTOup' voted to have a rummnge sale and nerve a lunch Nov. The next mooting will be Nov. Por the occnaalon, Mra. Gullok aelected a sane green Ince over taffeta dinner drraa. Tlie reception tnble featured a hand oroclieted uhlte lace table- cloth over Rold'coiored tnffeta centered with n- ilirae-llercd weddhiff cake.

The cake, lord in white, waa highlighted with gold- colored roMs, wedding bolls, doves. Ploral nrraiincnirnia, glfla from frlehds, rolntlves and various orBnnlzatlnna, ndorned the houne and added n featlve touch to the oelebratlon.

Tliose who oi t'and xerved the cdke were Mrs. Buhl, Mra. Rex Lnnoastpr, all Pller. Tlioao wlio poured punch and coffee wore Mra. Prnnk Blkoa, Mrs. Lancnfltor; Mrs. Roy Lancaat- or, Pllef, Mra. Judd OuUck, Je- rome: Mrs. HarrlnburB, Ore. Salem, Ore.

Merrill Uuah, HnrrlaburB, Ore. The clean up project haa Just been completed. A no-host dinner xfas planned for 7 p. Orln J. Capps was hostess. They were accompanied by guardlnna, Mrs, Charles Priest ond Mrs. Richard Gorlty. Donald Rnamuaaeu nn- nouncfi tho. Roy Parton. Mualo ' club met to organUe. Lauderbacic, vice prcsldetit; auaan Kramer, nncretnry, and ' Dottle Smith, Ironsurer.

El- lon, will 'prpJiont a tw. A program of niuuic by MaoLowell, American compaaor, will be-pre- sentod. If you recently moved into Idaho, mnlie sure Jfour Will ia reviewed by nn Idaho nllomey. It's important! The laws or the state where you pr»iousIy lived may dilTcr from tliose of Idaho. Red, Mlnt.. Creom and Blue Ice. Monday, Oc. Oldeberry BimiiEV,- Oot. Slfiliop 0«oritR'R.

Or- tin Gardner nnd Jacob Oftrilnor sans two tolBotlomi. Myron Dlaclt bivo t] fl b«no flotlon. Ver- klnjt. Qowanrd Olcloljory. A jviostion nnd nnswbr period will be held lollowlna the upealtera. The two eandldatea for Onnsla county aljerlff nnd probate.

JudRo, the only eontcAt in CnsAla county, wlU be at the meotlna to meet the public nnd anawor ouoatloiui. In the ahoriff'a race 1a Rny a- Mitchell, nepubllcnn, and H. Both meetlnffJi are open to tjie.. Gall E. Mort, Bon of Mrs, M E. I lUchter, route a,. Tlie prtMnlnUon. Accordtna to the citation no- companylnn the award, SBt. Mort Instituted extensive rovlalons tb quartemaater staff nnd ndmln- IstrntlvR procedures, brlntclncc about Kiibfltantlal anvlntm.

VIekle Van- Leouwen, rlfht, plays one of the children of llamelln. Special accolades wore voiced for nets and costumcn, as well as for the performonccs of all mem- bers of a laree cast. Tlckelji still were available for the performance Monday and tickets were to be sold at the door- Proceeds from the per- formances areulven by the Com- munity Children's theater to the school library. Eugene Bturalll; director of the flTOiip, said one of the most plrnnlna aapects of tho pub- lic reception of this production Is the wide interest shown from surrounding towns.

SturfflJI said she expeots the total for all per- formances to top '3, Food concessions will open at 7 p. Anytlilng of value will be no- ceptcd for tho auction. SO Bett Our araon Planta. Out Plowers for all Oconslons. Tuesday, at the hfuh Mhool recreation hall on east Main street , Bernard Polk, specialist In community services, will ftlve thb dedlcfttinn address. The pUrpoae or objective of the sBonoy Ix to preserve the family sized farms and to help people acquire modem ' convetllences, such as this new system hi t eolo.

An area the sl» of Declo could not sell bonds, through normal bondlns channels, since. The -loan to the village of Declo Is an, "oBsoclatlon type loan. Hansen, s. The dedication will take place In conjunction with the dedloar tlon of the nqw postofflee. About two hundred plates were served. Dale Kidd, Mrs. Jack chamberlain, Mrs. Jack Chamberlain. Molvln Darrlngton, Mrs, L a w r e ri c e Tliompsop. Cn Johnson. Naw, lupar liny ataclronic clfculli allmfnaia moit unvuarltad noda fo itlow you lo liaar claarly ai nalura Inlandnd.

Dail of all, tha naw Comfort Sound Inilrunnanit ara hardly nollcaabla; til. Needs Are Pressing II never takes long lo gel a loan from us. Oqr money service Is normally quick and convenient. Dbvek Days ineon an array of flameless dryer bargains at dealers evoiywhoro - and drier days', for you each woshday from hero on put! Regardless of outside weather, you can wash and dry the laundry any timo. You can dry dothca fresh and fluffy, or damp-dry for ironing.

So now, before winter's show, rain nnd sleet;, nsk your husband to waltz down to. You'll waltz T thrbtJgh woshduy fuiuvui uller! Ford easeU and Mer lost a irnollon. Amerlcnn ftnort Unes. Col unto -Palmollvo. Wvco-Wayno, Nutlonnl AlrllneH. Irtdlnii'Wfta heavy; Corpomte bonds were mlxod. UA ffovemniont, bonds were tnoilly unohnnRed In quiet deal- Inji over the counter.

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Utility anil eommarclal lB. Blaiinhlar llpen SI1. B0: hillk rhiilra 1, I, 4 10 Iba, 24,0D-3B. Ralai 33 rnniraata. Clnat, Uareh. RBlaa anntraali. CInai-Mareb B. ID, May a. July l. D nf a naiit hlnhar Dar. III, -. HII, Han. Carllflealail wool ipot lll. ON, TnPi futuraa alnaail Qiilit.

ANI , ll. UalB No, 2. M lir, Willi. Ilarloy No. Ilraln ai. No, Tiiday'i cioav, I'lirtland ilrain Km- cliaima I. Whila Club l. IlanI mart umiiintKd. Car racaliilai Whral MB barlay Hour aui e«in 3; pilli. To beffln with. I didn't see that pnrtlcular market latter. Buoli letters from brokoraae firms of' t«n come out-wltli forecasts eatr matins future earnlnga of coh poratlons.

But It would be a bit unusual for one to make a flat statement such aA. Adjusted for stock nplltji. IBM'a earhlna per. IBM rnnkA an the "prefnler h I ih -quality srowth stock" of our times; Dut Ita enrnln[[A would bavo to irrow at an even faster rate than In the past to reach tlie point you mention.

Tlio stock recently haa had a Potatoes. IiO, larl. OU; Mkhiuan, Wlacmialit 3,li luwa 3. H4 April 4. Mt Fliltllty Troml Ka In.. BO HO Kaviliina Ki S. TB [Ii. O Palhl Taylor A0 nral Raciirlly Invaal It. IntermiiiintBin laa SB. AO IB. I'r 1-lb. In Uie flrat half of thla yenr corporate profits as a whole had topped the year-offo tltfure by around IB per cent. In rO03 the nation's oorporatlorui cleared In flept4miher cojib dividend payinentA lopiwd 'J.

Stock trad- crn noted tills was an Improvu- niont on the 10 per cent rlne for the flrjit nine monOifl as a whole and broudht stocklioUler pny- mcnt t this year to Even In the boomlncr third quarter ihere " were individual companle. Uoynolda Tobncco. Scott Pnper. Aluminum Oompnny ' of America.

Al lefflieny Ludlum, ICalsar. Ttie two lariteat. Js-o-hisli- prioi -eaniUiRA- ratio. But tbat'a for the. I now numt sell some— not all. Wllloh Is it more advisable to sell? If Uie latter In the care, tiien you normally would nell thnne shares on which you have liie hlffheat "coat baitla"— those tor. Smaller profit —less tnxcA to pny.

If your friend can Ret auch Information. But I doubt that he can. Tueidny at Ditrley. Jaiilo Pnrr. Trojanette prdal- dent. Ray Turner, auperlntendent of icbools, and George Rotfera, principal, will accompany thi atudenta to Burley. Among tlioen born on this dato. Enslluh painter, enpraver; Daniel. Heath, publbiher; Charles Spra- gue, poet. Let your birthday Htnr bo your dally Kuld«,' Turnday, Oct.

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