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The optimal time to trade the forex foreign exchange market is when it's at its most active levels. That's when trading spreads the differences between bid prices and ask prices tend to narrow. In those situations, less money goes to the market makers facilitating currency trades, which leaves more money for the traders to pocket personally. Forex traders need to commit their hours to memory, with particular attention paid to the hours when two exchanges overlap. When more than one exchange is open at the same time, this increases trading volume and adds volatility—the extent and rate at which forex market schedule or currency prices change. The volatility can benefit forex traders. This may seem paradoxical.

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Forex trading 15 minute turbo course hero

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The web is to manage and display all races, as well as individual and team classification. MyPortfolio Plus by Michael Gardner. Dates by Maggie Percival. It lets you add birth dates and countdowns to let you know how far are you and how many days are left for the birthday date or the countdown to end. The project is a web version of a book that I wrote with three colleagues and that was published last year here in Argentina. The site has static pages and also a dynamic feature: a shirt searcher that takes up to three sear parameters and responds with an image gallery that shows all the shirt pictures that match those parameters.

Finance 2 by Stuart Wilson. Movie FindR by Stefano Gambino. Anagram by Bram Delver. MoneyRate by Tigran Apresyan. English by Hovhannes. Kindermenus is a web app that helps parents find ideas for healthy meals they can cook for their kids. This program scans a range of ports given a valid ip address and a range of ports to scan.

If you are old-school enough to memorise words with flash cards and C, this app is for you! HealthyMe - a one stop shop for everything health by Pyusha Dalmia. Survey Service by Khaerunnisa. Rate My Driving by Ben Torn. Dining Center by Mohamed Sayed. Diving center website to provide serves as daily diving as fun dive and all padi courses.

Ad Watcher by Felipe Bezerra Martins. Hangman for Python by Anthony Strickland. An enjoyable adaptation of the classic word game that's fun for everyone! News by Thikhina Bakmeedeniya. CS50 Sudoku by Joren Servotte. Advanced sudoku game with autosaving, manual saving, manual loading and sudoku-solving.

PyJoust by Zack Adlington. PsychoBlaster by Airn LeBus. A register of monitoring sites with registered user login for maintenence, and a public API so that information is discoverable. A site that allows users to track online courses they are taking and uses data from peers to help each user to plan future courses.

Golf Handicap Improver by Markus Augenstein. Moon github. Watchlist by Htet Lynn Htun. Games of Chance by Daniel Hengyu Xiang. Kayle Bot by Sanath Jathanna. Vinod 2. Almaany chrome extension by Mohammed Moaayed. Velas de Cera by Miguel Duarte Pereira. Center Line by Ryan Williams. A platform to send thank you messages to all the hard-working proffesionals that are fighting versus the covid Hobbibi by Mustafa Al Kafiri.

CS-Twifty by Matthew Shirvan. Econ by Stacey Lee. In a project aligned with the computing curriculum and Engineering Habits of Mind, an inexpensive robot arm is controlled by a Wiimote over BLE, and it is programmed using Python. TrackCovid by Ishan Mishra. Store information of meetings with other people to get more knowledge about infection.

LoanRanger by Stefan Lesicnik. Postman by Lisa Carpenter. A server side client application similar to httpie or Postman. It allows the user to enter a url and request body and displays the response. Upvote by Vahe Avetikyan. Biblio Barcode by Evan Zheng. Biblio Barcode is an app that scans ISBN barcodes of books and formats them into bibliography citations in a number of styles.

This is a a command-line program using Python combined API. This program will auto download image from a website named Pixiv through user's id. Messaging Web Application by Gurinder Singh. Messaging Web Application is in Nodejs, express, and lightbox. Talking about its features, the user can simply add their nicknames and start a conversation in the chatroom.

All the chatting is in the real-time as it provides chat messaging using socket. Here users can share messages, and share number of files easily. Language Tool by David Conrad. A web app which evaluates the tone and emotion of text. As well as a language translator. Quick blood bank by mohammed mosa'd hussein. BBs Time by Luisa Galimberti. BBs Time management SW helps the user in the process of managing the credit and the debit of time. Corona Web Club by Kai Ogden. A coronavirus information hub with government advice and entertainment for those in quarantine.

Piece of Cake by joey koh. This project is a web application that allows its registrants to check and update their todos list. Wayback Machine by Cooper Brosgall. Game of Mahjong by Samantha Man. Nutrinfo by Kristina Head. DukaCom by Andy Krivenko. BrokenPixels by Gustavo Andrade de Vilhena. Journal App by Harry Whitnear. My Project is a distributed application, developed to maintain the details of employees working in any organization.

Inventory by Partha Pratim De. Piggy Calculator by Victoria Sapronova. Accidental Baker by Cheryl Jones. A flask web app to showcase baking photos as well as to store recipes in an admin dashboard. Develop and improve a complex and interactive business homepage for a presentation design consulting agency. Knowledge Khana by Hossam Sayed.

Knowledge Khana is an E-learning web-app mainly designed to offer support for all of those who seek knowledge. Stock Centric by Patricio Nicolas Villanueva. MyNotes by Jinghuang Chen. Ngostarter by Ozgur Tanriverdi. Crowd-funding app reserved for NGOs, scientific research and startups working towards the preservation of the environment and the future of the mankind. Coronary pressure analysis by Andrea Comella. MemberYet by Mostafa Hana. A simple web application about markets and their offers I made for CS50x final project.

Music Player by Alexander Nikolaev. This website allows user to fetch data from Spotify search for artists and songs and get an access to their saved playlists. Image2Text by Todor Genchev. Company's Box by Akintola Blessing. Lysense by Justin Bartholomew. Lysense is a simple way for systems administrators to keep track of software licenses throughout their company.

OM Library by Olcay Bayram. This project will help vehicles overtake long vehicles, which are responsible for blocking a significant field view for other vehicles. Bank web application by Abdelrahman Ali Hekal. A bank web applications that allows the bank customers to register, pay bills, review exchange rates of the different currencies and make money transfer to other bank customers.

Mawareeth 2. Al Samaoui. Website for a German B2B Company www. Stock Finance by Prakul Agarwal. Lubchenco by Carlos Gomes de Carvalho Junior. Inventory Manager by Muhammad Sameer. Pomodoro Web by Abel Loredo. Blooply by Alexander Zhong.

CSbook by Stefan Luiken. CSbook is a social network web app created to help CS50 students to share their final project ideas. Math Simulator by Ana Mayer. Helps students develop, practice, and reinforce basic mathematics skills addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Analytics from the cloud by Steffen Schulze. Tax calculator by Yanis Paist. Calcultes taxes to be paid in Russia on dividends received from US investments through Interactive Brokers.

Trial Finder by Matthew Sim. Web application that allows users to search for, save and get alerts for new Clinical Studies. Arabic by mohamed hesham. The Blue Alien by Tommy Wong. My Library by Matteo Baroni. Bulgarian Businesses by Olya Bozhinov. Bulgarian expat business holders, list your business and get discovered by other Bulgarians! It's an Android App, that makes it easy to log activities and view them in a graph, to gain some insight.

Trip Planner by Cleber Machado de Araujo. SysVet by Rodrigo Bastos Dutra. Employeesh by Zuniyed Hossain Bhuiyan. Online Marketplace For Motorcycles which allows user to post or search through posted avertisments. Pong Game by Leandro cortiz. The CS50 Quiz! LowCal Recipes by Margarita Rozhetskina. Website to store your own low calorie recipes, from which you can create daily Meal Plans. Amien Pharmacy by Ahmed Amien. A hyper local market place, allowing individuals living in the same flat to buy and sell to each other.

To allow user to keep track of the expiry date of items that are stored in the refrigerator. SafeKeeper by Mia Goren. Rater by oruganti shiva charan. Ekans by Immanuel Huang. Go Clean by Nicholas Ozawa. TaskMaster by kaushik kampli. Portfolio Builder by Mahmoud Abdelazim. The Analysts' Toolkit by Michael Liu. Sudoku by Thibaud de Borrekens. DJ2 by Joe Tebbett. It's a web application that enables people to create more sophisticated charts by simply uploading a csv file. It by Rajat M.

Command Line Tool for Creating Memes. Personal snakegame by Warathep Padungtin. News Radio by Kevin John Schield. Yoga Board Munich by Lorena Schlesinger. Space Drones by Jackson Onwudi Chukwurah. Stayfocus by pattaranan srisara. Manager by Fakis George. The idea is to construct a platform where individuals can have their own account and be able to practice and test their Absolute pitch.

Boxed In by Michelle Lo. BlackJack by Andrew McClean. Wizard Quest by Edward Pace. As Mungo the wizard, you must drink potions to cast different spells, to solve the puzzles to make it through the level. Language Lab by Max DeMaio. Flask web application to practice the conjugations of the 25 most common verbs in a target language.

Health Calculator by Loh Jian Rong. Sheildorona by khalil sa. Surface Repair Log by Emadeldien Marhoum. FastTyping by Sami Eriksson. FastTyping is a typing test web-application, i. Helping Hand by Ido Avnir. The Game Dev. Network by Simon Luo. Hero Ball by Mateo Berney.

Hands-on web-application for a soft play manufacturer by Aleksei Tsybizov. Flashcard Dictionary by Chua Wei Jie. HoneyExpress by Nora Hevesi. Deep Learning by Yang Hai. Fast Inventory by Adam Bernard Woroniec. Reading Diary by Tan Jun Wei. TakeYourMeds by Omar Lomsadze. Covid Dashboard by championboylay. Pomodoro Timer by Harrison Lau. SafeHome Care by Son Nguyen. Password Vault by Adam Walker. Techno Alien by Alessandro Vanzo. Joe Biden by Isaac Huffman.

Organizer by Francisco Costa. Security Check by Kabir Acharya. Shows users details about leaked web browser information, inspired by Week 8 Information Lecture. FoodCount by Arad Zilberstein. StockAnalyzer by Philipp Schaefer. The Frequenator by Hannah Betts. Command-line tool, to create a repository on Github and clone it to your PC.

It also can add boilerplate folder and file structure depending on your project. Simulation of a restricted three-body problem by Linda Bijlard. In my project, the restricted three-body problem is visualised in python, whereby different x and y conditions for velocity and position of the third body comet can be chosen by the user.

Finance Tracker by Annu Jolly. Hangman by Sujit Bhandari. MyCapital by Pushpit Bhardwaj. A personal finance management website to keep track of your expenditures and revenues. Hand Over by Dhairye Kataria. Flappy Bird by Annie Cai. The program takes a stock symbol and then displays all the relevant information in the terminal, such as financial statements, financial ratios and the current stock price.

WorkOn by Clarence Malindi. Bridge by Arushi Singh. Sawalia by Muhammad Idrees. A flutter application that will help students in Pakistan with their exam preparation. EloArt by Alexandre Chekroun. Food First Program by Asad Jalib. Flash Chat by Mohamed Hussein.

Astrat by Niklas Muennighoff. Calculator suitable for calculating NPV etc. ScoutFin by Edgars Indriksons. ScoutFin allows small companies or NGO's to manage business expenses towards its employees. Guess the Hex by Cyprian Zander. Guess the Hex GTH is a competitive game where you try to guess the hex color code of colors under decreasing time given. Flappy bird by Tarek Nasser. Strange Symbols by Yevhen Sevastianov.

Gasoline prices by Benjamin Nobel. News Blog by Athanasios Moschogiannis. Verba manent by Cristian Visintin. Web application for performing speech recognition, allowing a user to register and log in, inserting audio file and transcriptions into SQLite database. Book Store by Georgios Kavalieratos. Zodiac Signs by Ashwin satheesh kumar. Conway's Game of Life by Atin Saki. Book exchange application by Mustafa Nab. TrackYourBudget by Krystyna Bodlieva. An extension that helps in controlling learning time, inspired by the Pomodoro technique.

HippoBotamus50 by Sam Dawson. Expat Friendly by Aaron Pierce. An android app to connect expats and travelers to a database of restaurants that can accommodate English speakers. FoodLuv by Shreya Singh. Weight Planner by Pranav Upadhyaya.

My project is a site that has information and tools to help with weight loss and weight gain. Hsi-Illustration by Melvin Kok Xinwei. Server-Client chat Program by Shadab Eqbal. Randomizer by Abdullah Sabaa Allil. Terminal-based casino by Cristian Perez Jensen. Travel Planner by Youssef Mousa. Text-to-Perfection by Daniel Bustillo. Gamer Namer by Shai Benbasat. Card Decks by Dale Wahl. Stock Momentum by Eugene Kusmiak. Duckbeak by Daniel Crawford.

Controlling a small duck, the player must navigate through fields with increasing pace while trying to avoid ponds and mud pits. RealTimer by Georgio Diab. RealTimer is an automatic irrigation system with temperature and humidity sensing features. Infinity Run by Ehsan Patel. Pandemic Toolkit by Mary E Casserly. The program implements a multiple choice testing format, in which students are presented with a sequence of questions.

For each question, several possible answers are shown, and the student must select the correct answer. Snake by Arnav Shreyakar. CarpetStory by Aashrit Garg. Harry Potter Universe by Mohammed Mudassir. For Teachers and Parents of toddlers. It turns out, colors are the key way that we describe and categorize our world. It plays a part it object recognition, and helps a child develop the mathematical and language skills that will ensure clear communication.

This webpage let the children to click on the name of the color then the background will show its chosen color. Kanban by Trang Thi Thu Ngo. Chat50 by Michael Paul da Rosa. Fun with Numbers by Raymond Romero. OurBooks by Brad Eckman. CaesarCipher Decryptor by Anastasiia Mazur. Wellness Journal by Sook Yin Cheong. Water Reminder by Atmiya Jadvani. Soundboard by Zhang Ke Wei. Language-Switcher by Karen Urate. A JavaScript-based language-switcher solution that automatically renders text in user's preferred choice of language.

Scheduler by Himanshu Kumar. Makes planning meetings easy with people having busy schedules or different schedules. Pub Quiz by Karin Anderson. SpaceLearner by Javier Pons. Time Bank by Yuxuan Gao. Mumble Jumble by Myles. It is a Flask Web app that uses various python libraries to generate custom or random crossword puzzles.

ClipboardOverflow by Gianluca Perrone. English Fixtures by Rob Walker. CRM System Soon weblux. A simple CRM System, where you can create customers etc, track earnings and expenses, generate invoices and much more!

Watch Read Repeat by Kanta Munton. React Native videogame: slide the tile and match same color ones until all stars are removed. Fitness60 by Teoh Xu En. Inventory by Muhammad Shihata. Bustimings by G. Coase Automation by James Kartadinata. Motivational web-based application by Tetyana. Online Game Portal by Jona Lusar. Online Game Portal is a web based gaming platform where you can sign-up and play two different games. It is also to see a global leaderboard and an individual score history.

Rona Rush by Maximus Abela. Eyes on Taiwan by Shih Hung Wei. Free by Sarah Goodale. My project is a Chrome extension that tabulates and prints the number of times the word "free" appears on the text of any URLs visited. The page prints counts from each tab on a new HTML.

A todo list that can generate a tailor-made list for the user every day according to the user's preference for the workload of the day and the number of tasks he or she would like to accomplish in that day. Marketplace by Lucas Vanagas. TableScraper by Jessica Beech. Chrome extension that allows users to download tables embedded in websites as csv files. Pomodoro by Kyle Kenney. Tic Tac Toe game using python by Sai vipul chakravarthy A website that allows registering and browsing availability of basic goods in local stores.

TextFormat by Leonardo Henrique Manzini. YouReputation android app by Kamran Hajiyev. Customer Support App by Simone Tiso. Scheduler by Branden Hintz. Scheduling tool for staff to see when they work and manager to update schedules for their work-site. Socialite by Kaung Min Khant. Console game - "Labyrinth" by Arthur Petrov. A console game about a maze from which in order to exit you must first collect all the coins. On Call Report 0.

Promodoro by ishan Jain. A Web-App for task-management infused with the PomoDoro technique to boost productivity. Bar warriors by Ahmad Nabil. Virus Killer by Animesh Singh. Pokemon Chronicle - Pokedex by Anh Nguyen. Palette by Poon Sheung Yin Esther. ExpaNote by Omri Moshe Shimoni. Adie's Life by Aditya Anil.

Guess'n'Draw by Derek Whyte. Social distancing got you down? Find your "quaranteam" and reconnect with friends and family playing this fun illustration game! Mario jump by Khaled Hegazy. Simple ChatBot by Ken Bunlungsak. Game Show in Python by Shrey Tripathi. Frontend Sandbox by Dennis van den Berg. Mood Generator by Nico Frigger. Morse Translator by Vahid Konicanin. Bus timing by G.

Code MV. Check' n Guess by Julian John Mendoza. FreeCell by Nina Caparros. Flask Weather is a current weather visualizer, with search for cities by name, and an map to let you confirm if its your city. Stonered Extension by Graeme Bruijn. Web application with interactive map which shows status of COVID cases around the world and an integrated Whatsapp bot.

Currency Converter by Muhamad Yusuf Indra. Brick Breaker by Rohan Sai Buddhi. It's a retro game inspired by a game I used to play in my childhood and Pong from CS50's game dev track. Online Puppy Store by Jiechao Cheng. A web-based Puppy Store, which can make everyone buy and sell puppy pets in our online store.

It's a web-based stock trading board game that can be played with friends and family! Automatic Campaign Creator by Alexandre Guimenti. Ascent by Jamie McKane. Bota by Felipe Secato. Speaker Test by Harrison Field. Climb High by Arthur Avetikyan. My IDs by Abdulkader Tayara. Brick Breaker by Dhruv Dubey. Water meter by WJ Schoeman.

The device measures the water level in a glass of water and read the water level in an audible fashion. VirusTracker by Shubhankar Darbari. A java based application which can track the number of cases active, total, recovered etc all around the globe and a particular country. WeightLogger by Toghrul Shamsizade. CSNifty by Matthew Schaefer.

TufotoBoda is a web application that helps couples to find a wedding photographer in Spain. MiniPaint by Carlo Mercuri. Capital Quiz by Benjamin Russell. RegexGolf by Karl Vyhmeister. Currency Exchange by Owais Ali. Talent Auto Selector by Neil J. WikiCrawler by Matheus de Souza Pessanha.

COVID Coronavirus State is a chrome extension that gathers and displays current statistics in the the state of the users public ip address. Chrome Counter by Parth Tornekar. Yatzy by Elijah Reid. Birthday Reminder by Peter McHugh. CalorieCounter is a web based application enabling users to keep track of their daily calorie intake and give access to a large database of nutrients. Town Market by Ahmed Khaled Shoman. Manage Tasks by Rashad Nazer.

Befit is a calorie tracker app that calculates user's daily calories intake , it helps the user to track meals and water. Password Generator by Daniel Boctor. Single Bar by Nuttaphoom Boonmee. Coin Up! Luck Tycoon by Luke Haws. Quantum - A personal Assistant by Utkarsh Malhotra. CS50 Library by Sreenath Sreekrishna. Tree Console by tomer gabriel. My Personal Blog by Michael Ngo.

Strawhat Escape by Tan Weisheng Wilson. Mohzy Finance by mohammed alkhateeb. Simple Portfolio Website by Liam Botha. An app to make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy easy and convenient at any time in any place. Parkclass by Louky Schutte.

A webapplication for trainers and athletes who want to teach or get taught sport classes outside in the park! Xie Lab website template with automated bibliography by Li Wang. Pong 2 by Harsh Avinash. Security Camera by Ayush Gupta. Using the PiCamera module for the Raspberry Pi, a live video feed of a camera is streamed onto a Flask run webpage.

Demo Finance by Takao Hamamoto. This project is a simple model to plan the production plan in wafer sort stage at each tester. CashTrack by Moboluwagbe Toluwanimi Adesanmi. Python Job Search by Crawford Morris. Commonplace by Teng Yi Yun Grace. Cs50 final project by Antonio Santos. MCScript by Bernard Montens. Civi Serve by Raphael Lerner. Shelfi by Nisanth Chandran. This project was to build a news aggregator web app with Django and python web scraping beautifulsoup4.

Covid Fighter by Chan Zhen Yuan. Wiki Read by Stephan Bakkelund Valois. ConneX by Aryan Kashyap. It is the infobot for the local community. He can a few things: to welcome new members and check their introductions and to give information about local shops, cafes and other places. Blinks detector by Srijan Mehrotra. Random Meal by Moritz Zerwes. Project NC by Reinaldo Coronel. Health Watch by Matthew Bryan. Subscription Tracker by Tarosh G. The subscription tracker app helps keep track of your subscriptions and to stay on top of your financial game.

Corona Virus Tracker by Rishi Athavale. Simple C by Vishaal Mehta. A website that allows users to record and store their courses and grades, as well as predict their GPA based on expected grades Please do let me know if I am displayed in the gallery! The Wiki Game by Abhishek Karale. TaskPlan by Kenneth Gu. Drawify by Makeo Tom. Tomado is a Pomodoro Timer written in Python with a GUI, which offers the option to track tasks, as well as the option to utilise custom timings in minute increments.

Telecommerce by Davin Wu Jin Rui. Rental Property Analysis by Terence Desmond. Dynamic portfolio with contains my projects, about me section, online resources and documentation, blog which has got various posts of my problems sets solutions and got register and login section to make changes on blog. Visitor Book by Adhikar Babu.

BAKA downloads comics from the internet, and converts them into ebooks complete with a table of contents for each chapter. Balances by Alec Huertas. The user registers and logs in to access the portal, in the portal he inserts the data and in the main dashboard these data are updated automatically.

The site was developed in Portuguese, as it tends to be used by users who speak only Portuguese. Journal50 by Pushkar Anand Kadam. Spacious mind by Daniel Krasnenko. Web-based Cashier by Daniel Tri. Best Bread by Michael Patterson. CS50 Blackjack by Maximilian Thull. MyMidi by Alan Lumb. Kickeridoo50 by Keviindran Ramachandran.

An app for keeping track of the score for foosball matches, or Kicker as they are known here in Germany. Matthew's Utility Program by Matthew Te. CS50 Weather by Kareem Mehanna. A web application that automates the process of filling out a voter registration form. Ork Jazz by Benjamin Biles. Corona Math by JoAnn Scales. Sports by Izhar Ali. Let's Read by Aditya. A Full-Stack Web App where readers can look for their favorite books and their reviews. Shades of Grey by Kristin Lindes.

Notebook by Egor Osipov. Company Admin Software by Ben Siddall. This software is designed for managing a companies contacts, sales, and purchase orders in a simple and easy to use way. Multiple Intelligence by Timothy Samuel Ninan.

Project Pehchaan by Syeda Malaika Rizvi. TweetDeets mobile app for Android by Gregory Gunderson. Ilyas ML by Ilyas Millali. Notes by Salami David Wisdom. A Web application that allows user to get real-time information about the Covid in their country and also to keep track of their movments to help to identify possible focus of infection and risk.

Legal Angel by Lauren Grbich. Battleship Game by Hrishikesh Mulkutkar. Flappy Bird by Himanya Verma. Iris by Eric Wan. HaloStats by Joshua Shinkle. An iOS app that handles different user accounts, gets user input, and uses an online database to store game statistics from a user's Halo 5 multiplayer games and then return a summary page with the average statistics from all games.

Basic Assembly Interpreter by Boran Seckin. Big Shirt Haadi by Basith Mohammed. Marvel Quiz by Dhruv Arora. Rural App by Ivan Naranjo. Marvel's Encyclopedia by Gouri Ashok Bhise. Private dental web app by Vladimir. Be the hero by Matheus Machado Guerzoni Duarte. It is an app to keep track of tasks and goals and keep a routine list with features like rearranging deleting and checkmarks. Virtual Cigar Lounge by Samer Daher. Health Monitor by Tanishq Gandhi. It is a web page which monitor your health and tells you specific details according to data given by user.

Saysomething by Kritarth Mishra. Business communication Webapp by Samuel Hervas Gomez. Offline conversions analytical tool by Mikhail Bogovalov. Recordbook Streamliner by Peter Ian Chacko. This project's purpose is to streamline the documentation process of completing a Texas 4-H recordbook and free the student to explain how the activities impacted them personally.

Movie Library by James Hilton. SpaceGame by Calvin Riley. Google Voice Search by Felicia Liang. A chrome extension enhancing the google search experience by highlighting and navigating to key words and phrases. E-commerce app by Ahmed Gamal. A web application that allows you to keep track of your journal and your tasks with Calendar! Task Manager by Anton Starenkov. Web application for a secure communication. Subject and message text are encrypted and stored encrypted in the SQlite seccomm DB.

The receiver can decrypt the subject and message text with the key stored as hash in the DB. Event Counter by Wesley Nepomuceno. Point of Sale by Munasib Khan. My project allows people to both generate secure passwords and check the strength of their passwords. Scanify by Jake Matthew Nudelman. A Windows desktop app for adding music from your local music library to your Spotify library. Let's Educate by Carlos S. Let's Educate is a web app that helps students in finding the right resources that match their curriculum.

Parker's Talking Metronome by Parker Siddall. Japanese Pop Culture by Nana Owyong. Goku's Adventure by Rudro Ganguly. Personal Finance by Seif Mohamed Abdelghany. Shark Dodge by Mark James Doyle. MyFriends by Allan Nevala. Klark Cases by Nader Raafat. Bob o lixinho by Alessandro Willian Nogueira. Bob o lixinho by alesssandro willian nogueira. Signature System by ahmadkuedr gmail. Cocktails Science 50 by Georgios Dimitropoulos. Surveys Made Easy by Aryendu Pande. Caraka by Dandun Adi Nugroho.

This app help people to learn how to write in Javanese Script known as aksara jawa , which is one of traditional language in Indonesia. My project is about a weather watchlist, where you are able to see multiples weathers from different cities. Memories by Nathan Mayo.

A simple web application that provides a simple todo list functionality such as adding, updating and deleting task. The Art Gallery by Hassan Suhaib. Premium Digital access, plus: Convenient access for groups of users Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users Subscription management tools and usage reporting SAML-based single sign-on SSO Dedicated account and customer success teams.

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