commercial real estate investing 101 david lindahl review
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Commercial real estate investing 101 david lindahl review sharon weizmann forex

Commercial real estate investing 101 david lindahl review

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Many investors are frightened of investing in commercial real estate. But with residential real estate struggling, the time is right to make the switch to commercial properties. Trump University Commercial Real Estate Investing takes the fear out of commercial investing with easy-to-understand, step-by-step principles that will make you successful and lower your risk.

What Drives Supply. Dont Listen to the Crowd. When Good Debt Turns into Bad. Getting the Loan Approved. Theres Plenty of Room for Creativity. The Pros and Cons of Deal Structures. ISBN: ISBN Release Date: November Length: Pages. Weight: 1. Dimensions: 1.

Customer Reviews. Write a review. Another good book by the author Published by Thriftbooks. The majority of real estate investors are simply frightened by commercial real estate. It is not that complicated, and it offers tremendous opportunities. The author says "the wealth opportunity with commercial real estate is enormous for the very reason that most people think they could never own it. I think this book does a great job describing commercial real estate. Donald Trump is a household name, but few may realize that he relies on teams of people to make him successful.

The author argues that investors should also build their teams. He breaks it down into your home team assistants and marketers , deal team brokers and attorneys , money team mortgage brokers and private money partners , and property team property managers, contractors, property inspectors, and maintenance specialists.

I liked the chapter on financing. I believe that financing is extremely important because real estate is usually financed with more debt than equity, and therefore, interest expense is the major expense. If you don't get this one right, you might lose money even if the property is operating properly.

Some of the financing options covered in this book are conventional, construction, mezzanine, bridge, and hard money. Learn how to invest your money, how to pick stocks, and how to make money in the stock market. I must say I was slightly biased prior to purchasing this book. I mean, with Trump slapping his 'signature' over this book, I figured the book was definitely worth a read.

Many years ago I found his Art of the Deal book, which was a real eye-opener and tremendous confidence and motivational booster for me in my own attempts to purchase real estate. However as I stated in the title the books does a good job of trying to get you to understand the foundation, or principles of 'beginning' and to get you to do what other books of this type set out to do- to TAKE ACTION.

I purchased my first residential single family property at the age of You won't get a very in depth how-to, but it does provide the basics, the rest is upto you. Take Action! Loved this book Published by Thriftbooks. This book completely got me off of Residential, I read a lot of books on residential, and the more I read, the more I didn't want to have anything to do with them.

Great info which touches base on multifamily investing. If you're looking for Retail, Office, Industrial, there's still good information, but half the book is geared more towards Multifamily. It's not another guru fluff book; it has real meat. Published by Thriftbooks.

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Commercial real estate investing 101 david lindahl review I love shopping on Professional Bookshop! As a new commercial real estate investor, this book is an excellent addition to my library. I liked the chapter on financing. How to Read a Deal. We personally assess every book's quality and offer rare, out-of-print treasures. Don't Chase Deals?
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Commercial real estate investing 101 david lindahl review Plays forex
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Estate investing 101 review lindahl commercial real david forextime contestants

Top Books for Commercial Real Estate Investors - Real Estate Investing 101

Author David Lindahl has been involved in hundreds of real estate deals and currently controls over $ million in real estate. In each chapter, Lindahl covers. This book is written by David Lindahl with small commentaries by Donald Trump sprinkled through it. The book is loaded with real meat for the avid real. It'll be the best $2 So far, this is an excellent, excellent book on commercial real estate investing. Lindahl does a great job covering some of the most.