rule breakers investing reviews of zootopia
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Rule breakers investing reviews of zootopia forexlive orders of protection

Rule breakers investing reviews of zootopia

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Gardner: Excellent! Now, last time, I think we talked through three different five-stock samplers, earlier this year. I think the date was somewhere in February. I think that was actually the first time we called one of these episodes Reviewapalooza, which seemed appropriate because we are going over a lot of stocks.

And you have put in some elbow grease, some extra labor, Emily. Thank you for responding to my request yesterday! Gardner: And one day later, being prepared to talk about approximately 15 stocks and what's been happening with them. Really looking forward to doing that together.

Flippen: It's an easy hurdle to get over when you spend all day researching companies, in particular in your Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers universe. Gardner: It is true. You know these stocks better than I do, which is really why I'm having you on the show.

I pick them, but we really learn from you, Emily. Thank you very much for your time! The five-stock samplers we're going to be reviewing today, as I mentioned at the top, the most recent one is from September 5th, , a year ago about this week. I did that one, it was published on September 2nd, Here, we are four years later. That'll be the end of the show where we will review those.

By the way, each of these is typically three years, as you know, Emily. That's kind of the game we're playing. If we made it five years all the time, there'd be so much Reviewapalooza there wouldn't be an opportunity for Authors in August or anything else, even picking new stocks. So I intentionally circumscribed it to three years. But that very first one, I said, "Hey, here are five stocks for the next five years. Before we start, just a quick thought about the importance of picking stocks and scoring yourself.

I have four little steps here I just want to share with all of you. They're pretty obvious and simple. But here they are. At the heart of our five-stock sampler, at the heart of Motley Fool Rule Breakers , Emily, and Stock Advisor , what we work on together, we're picking stocks.

We're doing that every month for our members. I do think that there are a lot of people who talk a lot about the stock market. I'm sometimes wondering, what if they walked? Would they do well or not, those talking heads out there?

And then there are some brilliant people who perform really well, but they don't share what they're doing. They don't actually talk the talk. They're walking the walk all the time. I would say, for all of us, if you find yourself doing more talking, start doing the walking. And if you're doing a lot of walking, start talking about it, share that out. That's step No. Emily, any reflections about talking the talk or walking the walk in your life or in general?

Flippen: It's so important to score yourself, but you have to remember that we're long-term investors, too. Even looking at the stock samplers after three years -- I mean, I own a lot of Chinese companies, for instance, that are probably great investments, but haven't been over the past couple of years.

Score yourself. Keep track. And if long-term, something's not working, change your process. That's a problem. But also remember that we're playing a long-term game here. We're trying to make that over a long period of time. Gardner: I'm so glad you said that. By its nature, we're playing a game here. Just like baseball has nine innings, unless it goes extra innings, we have to have some kind of limit. But when we say goodbye -- as we will, every three years to another one of these five-stock samplers, we play the Happy Trails music that Rick wheels out.

It doesn't mean, though, that we're selling those stocks, or that we still don't like them. Usually they're still under active coverage and being held for long periods in Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers. If step one was talk the talk and walk the walk; step two, we've already spoken to, walk, yeah, walk, but keep score. It's the importance of scoring. How much is each of us spending the time seeing, how are we doing? How is our financial advisor doing? How's that k box that we checked at work, how's that doing?

Understanding the score. Imagine being a sports fan and not having any sense of what the score is like. No scoreboard. We wouldn't get smart about sports. Coaches wouldn't get better. Players wouldn't know how to grade themselves. Fans would be unclear who's actually good out there. So it's so important to score.

Step No. I think that's self-evident. It is the very act of scoring. We have some painfully bad stock picks that I've made. I've made more of them at The Motley Fool than anybody in history. I'm very aware of that. But you really have an opportunity from your winners and your losers to learn.

That's the heart of these five-stock samplers and Reviewapalooza and what we're doing here. Flippen: I couldn't agree more. So many of these companies -- even looking at the ones which I'm sure we'll talk about later that have been, horrible underperformers, let's say, I mean, you still look at the companies and you can understand the investment thesis. You can still see a reality in which it plays out. Maybe that's not true for all of them. But I think that it's great to remember, put yourself in the mindset that you had when you bought the stock a few years back.

Remember what was so great about that investment. Has that changed? If it's changed, fine, that's great, you can make a different investment decision. But for the vast majority of these companies, not much has changed, just the price. Gardner: Yeah, and it's a great point. The world is dynamic. We can't control everything that happens. We try to pick a good management team. We try to pick a good product or service.

We try to play it forward in our minds and live backwards from the future and think what's going to win, and what's going to work. But we're always ready to be wrong. And we're wrong quite a lot. This is a tip to any financial professional. I would say, if we're scoring, as I said earlier, I hope we're winning.

We should be trying to get better. The best way to build trust, I think, in any field is to score and to win when you're scoring. Keeping score, and then having winning scores. Again, for any financial professional, anybody who's a mutual fund investor, hedge fund manager, financial advisor, all of us have an opportunity to be transparent with our performance.

The best way you're ever going to build trust in this world is to be transparent and to win. That's the aim of these five-stock samplers. Alright, five-stock sampler No. This is the debut. That's right, these stocks were picked one year ago, so this is their first time ever in Reviewapalooza. Now, we'll talk about the theme in just a sec. But the day was September 5th, Emily, can you remember what you were doing a year ago this week? Flippen: Well, I don't take as great diligent notes as you may.

But I do have a spreadsheet. So I was tracking my studying in a spreadsheet. I can see that on September 5th, I put in 80 minutes of reading that day. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know. I passed, so I guess it was good enough.

Flippen: Eventually. Level one. Now I'm in the process of studying for level two. Flippen: And then four years of investment-related work experience. Then I can apply for the credentials. Gardner: I see. Well, I'm just looking at my schedule, I was working that morning on our new mobile game app that's coming out this fall Investor Island from The Motley Fool, which I'm really excited about.

It's going to debut in the Canadian App Store in a few weeks. Then it's going to hit the U. App Store, I think, next month. We're excited. Many of you have helped us beta test Investor Island. I was meeting with the team that morning. The hook here was, they're all companies that start with the letter M. Yep, it's that silly. I just thought, "I like all these M stocks. That's what unites this five-stock sampler. Flippen: That was going to be my question -- who's the genius who came up with that name?

And Investor Island , for that matter. Great naming skills! I'm not creative enough to have contributed. Gardner: [laughs] So, for each of these, Emily, we're going to look at the highlights, lowlights and then talk through the stock. Five stocks. We'll see if they were mm-mm good. Let's talk first about the best one.

Then we're going to talk about the worst one. By the way, I should mention, the stock market is up 3. I love those low bogeys that we're shooting for. Just 3. Off to a great start for this sampler. Flippen: Yeah, there's really not anything bad to say about this company, at least thus far. I will say that, when you did pick it last year, the stock had already appreciated significantly. Over the past year, MercadoLibre has really just capitalized on the emerging e-commerce scene in Latin America.

It's really a huge opportunity. This is impressive, given the fact that the economies in a lot of their core countries, especially their currencies, haven't been exactly stable Gardner: Things are pretty unstable in South America right now. Venezuela and Colombia having some spats.

Argentina with its devaluation of its currency, given worries about the election this fall. You're right. Flippen: MercadoLibre, meanwhile -- while they operate in other markets as well, more stable markets like Mexico and Brazil -- despite the fact that they've been surrounded by countries that have really been unstable, the company itself has been relatively stable, and not in the sense that it is a stable performer, but in the fact that they've managed to continue to post amazing growth.

Their gross merchandise value, their different processing platforms. Mercado Pago is doing a great job expanding into the Brazilian market, for instance. All of these things have improved drastically just over the past year. Despite that great appreciation, it's a great company, it performs well, and I have no doubt it'll continue to do so. Gardner: I hate to overplay this, but winners do win. It has been the single best-performing stock in Motley Fool Rule Breakers , and it has just continued to be the gift that keeps on giving.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, I'm sorry to say that the company arguably with the most ridiculous name here also has the worst performance: Momo, ticker MOMO. Flippen: It's unfortunate that the stock has responded the way it has. Momo's core business has been definitely pressured, largely because of factors that they can't control. But it's a notable slowdown to the numbers that they were posting a year ago.

The big story is really that the government has had a field day in regulating a lot of their businesses, notably cracking down on in-app purchases associated with their live streaming revenue. These are the things that were really lucrative for Momo and they suddenly fell off a cliff when the government decided that the content that, maybe, some live streamers were producing was not exactly family friendly. That being said, it does have a dominant positioning in the Chinese market.

It's an interesting company. But, the macro environment, Chinese companies plus government regulations, has really pressured this company. Gardner: Emily, I think a lot of people probably don't even know what Momo does. They hear Momo, people talk about momentum stocks, and that's what a lot of traders say when they talk about it. So, in a sentence or two, what is the business of Momo? Flippen: Momo has often been called the Tinder of China. The premise of the company was that they had one of the most popular dating platforms, dating apps in China.

It actually moved more toward a livestreaming based app with dating involved. I would suppose the closest connection it has here in the U. Gardner: Alright. I'm happy to say the other three companies -- Masimo, Match, and McCormick -- are all beating the market.

Over the past year, it's Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. It's really been an amazing growth driver for the company. That doesn't mean that they haven't been expanding involvement in other areas. What I found exciting was, they picked up strategic investments in new apps as well. One notable one: Harmonica, which is dedicated to helping hook up the 1. There's still lots of ways for Match Group to continue to expand its offerings as opposed to just being Tinder and Match and Plenty of Fish.

The point thing there that dating isn't going anywhere, especially online dating. It's been a great performer. McCormick has done really well, too, because of their cost-cutting program. Despite the fact that McCormick has never been a growth company, it still has a great product. Being conscious about how they spend their money and where they spend their money has allowed them to really expand their margins.

Increased cash flow to investors in the form of increasing dividends. They've actually had 33 consecutive quarters of dividend increases. It's an impressive company, as well. Gardner: That's amazing! A lot of people would think, why do we have McCormick? It seems like, as you mentioned, a real grower, and I do love companies that grow.

But I also love companies that serve something special that's hard to compete against. I love the macro trend -- talk about tailwinds -- I think food is getting more and more interesting. It's getting more and more diverse. There are more choices all of us have. And spices, darn it, that's what brings the spice to food and life, spices. For five years now, McCormick has paid good dividends.

Flippen: Masimo has also been a winner. Nothing too exciting there. Really strong demand for their core product. Great international expansion. Drastically improving their net income margin. Just a good business overall. Gardner: Remember, this is just year one of three years of review. We hope that things will keep going this well for these five companies. I'm really happy to say, on average, they're up The market is up 3. We need to go back in time. That's right, we always start with the most recent and go back to the oldest.

So here we go. We're back in Emily, specifically September 13th, Now, I will admit this. I know what I was doing on almost any day of the last, I don't know, plus years because I keep a minute-to-minute calendar that is really my memory. I was having a wills and estates meeting. Gardner: It's not the most fun thing, but it is important. As we build up assets and we have capital in this world, we really owe it to those who come after to make good decisions about it.

So, while it's not my favorite thing to do, I think I was revising my will that morning. Emily, do you have any recollection, September 17th for you? Flippen: Yeah, it was actually a big month for me. I had made the move from Texas, where my family home is, up to Connecticut. Flippen: I moved from the suburbs to the suburbs. Flippen: Not for very long. I enjoyed my time there. Loved the people I was doing my work with. I learned a lot. Had a lot of great opportunities.

But it was very clear to me at the time that GE the company really lacked strong leadership. So, when I thought about my career five years from now, in my opinion, there was no way that I was going to stay with a company that really had no vision. Gardner: Wow! It's such a big and impressive company, but the stock has not been very good. We're a private company. I think our Fool shares were up the last couple of years.

Maybe you made a good decision there. I sure hope so, since you're a stock picker, too. That's the theme. I should mention before we give the five stocks that the market on average for these five was up That's what we're trying to beat. And yeah, I was picking companies that most of us wouldn't be able to recognize.

If I said Littelfuse , would you -- well, you would know. But, would you, dear listener, know what Littelfuse is? Or Blackbaud? Maybe if you work within the charitable world and use their engine to help you manage grants and donations, maybe you know Blackbaud. The Ultimate Software Group? Orbital ATK? Those were the five companies in haphazard order. In fact, I'm going to go with reverse alphabetical order for these. That's the order that I presented them on September 13th, Alright, Emily, looking over this group, I see one clear winner, and almost everything is an also-ran.

Let's start with the one clear winner -- The Ultimate Software Group. The company was bought out. In fact, it was bought out within about a year. It was announced that Ultimate Software would be acquired. Maybe somebody in the private equity world was listening to this podcast because they made a bid for it and it worked.

Flippen: This was an impressive company. Or, I guess we should say, took private. The company really performed well over the course of They found a way to run off of a really small salesforce, which allowed them to have really impressive margins. They kept costs really low, productivity really high. Allowed them to grow at double-digit rates without growing sales and advertising costs the same. They had a lot of success in using this model to introduce processes and new products over the past two years.

Not to mention -- granted, we don't know anymore -- at the time of acquisition, they'd only penetrated a really small percentage of their entire market. I'm sure whoever bought them appreciates that purchase now. But we as investors maybe miss that company a little bit. Gardner: Their product was UltiPro software. That was the package. It was basically, manage your workforce. It was cloud based. SaaS companies very much anchor on these days.

It's somewhat volatile right now. But overall, we identified this company a number of years ago. In fact, it first came to Rule Breakers on May 23rd of So a good seven-year hold. And, yeah, taken private. We don't see them anymore as investors, but they're still out there. Now, I mentioned there's one major outperformer. Viewers, young and old, will relish in the Zootopia world - which features a clever mix of archetypal Disney tropes blended with pop culture references.

Unlike lesser CGI animated films, which might lean hard on of-the-moment memes for cheap laughs, Zootopia is a timeless allegory - one that magnifies the features and, more importantly, the troubles of human society through a fictional mammalian civilization. Alongside clever bits that poke fun at the real world such as a laugh-out-loud scene at the DMV - Department of Mammal Vehicles , Zootopia is, at its core, a cautionary tale of prejudice, discrimination, and overt xenophobia - arriving at a time when the world might need a reminder on the subject.

It could sound aggrandizing to suggest that a CGI animated film about a tie-wearing fox and a law enforcing rabbit, fighting crime in a city full of anthropomorphic animals, is one of the most socially progressive films in recent memory but Zootopia is deserving of the claim. Underneath its colorful animals characters, Bush, Howard, and Moore have delivered a treatise on fear of outsiders and "the other" as well as the nagging prejudices that plague even the most open-minded of people and fictional anthropomorphs.

Based on those achievements, some moviegoers might worry that Zootopia is saddled by heavy-handed social-commentary, but Disney's latest animated offering moves at a lively pace and can be appreciated on multiple levels. The reluctant friendship and subsequent banter between Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde serves as an engaging narrative backbone - punctuated by witty callbacks and clever character dynamics throughout not to mention solid voice acting work from Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman.

Thanks to nuanced parallels in Judy as well as Nick's individual backstories, Zootopia succeeds in highlighting juxtapositions that further develop and compliment each character. As in any good buddy duo film, neither hero is stronger or more developed than the other - allowing Judy and Nick to play off their respective idiosyncrasies in equal measure. Judy is an uptight but well-intentioned overachiever that inspires her friends to greatness and Nick is a laid back smooth-talker who, in spite of a good heart, still has a mischievous side.

To than end, Zootopia takes tried-and-true buddy cop tropes and injects a fresh layer of conflict - playing up underlying tensions between predators such as Nick and prey like Judy in the city to reinforce the film's message of tolerance. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for the filmmakers to wind their characters up and watch the sparks fly. That said, other characters in the film are relegated to small roles - pitstops along the way as Judy and Nick bounce from one corner of Zootopia to the next.

The film's villain, in particular, is half-cooked and woefully predictable, even in a movie aimed at kids, and certain support players are little more than one-joke set dressing; still, even the most thinly-drawn characters in Zootopia serve their primary purpose to be entertaining and lay a solid foundation for possible expansion in future series installments. In particular, fans, young and old, should be eager to see more of Flash Raymond S.

Since Zootopia is CG animation, it looks great in 3D; yet, like most Disney 3D films, the director's aimed for comfortable and immersive use of the depth, rather than pop-out effects - which may be underwhelming to viewers who want to notice 3D whenever they opt for the add-on. Similarly, despite being the first Disney animated film shown in IMAX since 's Treasure Island , the IMAX format isn't a necessity for Zootopia either; though, viewers who don't mind paying for a premium ticket, shouldn't hesitate either - since they'll get to enjoy a great movie on a bigger screen size with sharper sound.

Even when Zootopia falls into animation and buddy cop movie traps, the filmmakers inject enough fresh material to ensure even the most familiar moments still entertain. The movie's central stars, brought to life by superb computer animation and spirited voice work, are sure to be fan-favorites at in the theater, at home, and at Disney theme parks - setting the stage for a new Disney movie franchise and, no doubt, future adventures in Zootopia.

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This week we revisit some of our favorite moments, lessons, and stories from Foolishness past. The market continued its decline this month, and there's no denying that it hurts. Maybe that's why we're all so focused on optimism and consistency in our investing. It goes up more than it goes down, after all! In our democracy, we are responsible. We are complicit. We share in the blame. And we are currently enabling one "Sorry Lunatic" after another to deprive our fellow citizens of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

What makes a quote great? Is it timeless wisdom? Is it eloquence? But for a quote to be both great and Foolish, add an air of contrariety, a wink of irreverence, and a spotlight on things that matter. David Gardner is more than that. He's thoughtful, curious, rigorous,and occasionally silly. But his track record speaks for itself. And I can't think of another investor on his level who shares his thinking on a weekly basis like this for years! Can't imagine anyone listening to this show and NOT becoming smarter about investing.

Instead his approaches to life, including politicizing a shooting, is grounded in emotions and not evidence. This podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their investing strategies! David is a super knowledgeable and engaging host and each episode is filled with valuable insights and helpful advice. Apple Podcasts Preview. JUN 15, Reviewapalooza! Customer Reviews. Marketing Exec. Retrieved May 6, Archived from the original on May 7, Retrieved June 1, Behind The Voice Actors.

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