equality act 2010 basics of investing
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Equality act 2010 basics of investing

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Better disclosure of gender data can create opportunities for improving investment standards. Furthermore, qualitative and quantitative GLI assessments can be balanced with other traditional investment criteria and governance frameworks to evaluate products and industries. When both the quantitative and qualitative GLI assessments fail, wealth and asset managers need to take action.

Similar to approaches taken by State Street Corp. Existing investments can be reassessed or revalued with the added layer of other gender considerations. When quantitative thresholds are not met by investment companies, qualitative analysis can be performed to identify the viability of those underlying investments.

Creating relationships across a variety of quantitative and qualitative GLI criteria can extend financial opportunities beyond their traditional boundaries. The same industry growth or return strategies for all varieties of clients could be achieved with a gender lens. Neglect from wealth and asset managers in playing an active role to develop a broader and more modern approach to GLI limits its potential.

The methods and principles of applying GLI must continuously evolve to increase financial and social outcomes. GLI can span a wide range of gender issues, investor classes, markets, and products. It continues to grow within the wealth and asset management industry — not only from an investment perspective but also from an operational perspective.

It can influence how firms accommodate their female clients, employees, and leaders. Gender considerations should be applied as an additional lens on current investment strategy analysis rather than as a replacement. GLI is still in its infancy, with potential for managers and clients to grow together. Advocacy, transparency, and development of accessible and meaningful gender metrics are the next steps to achieving that potential, and capturing the wealth of evolving investor needs as they look to help address gender equality worldwide.

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Select your location Close country language switcher No search results have been found Local sites. Link copied. How a more modern approach to gender lens investing can promote equality and boost the bottom line. Show resources. Gender lens investing GLI is an opportunity for wealth and asset management firms to promote gender equality on a global scale. Right now, its full potential is far from being realized. What is GLI? When combined with existing traditional products and services, the following four core principles make GLI an extremely powerful tool: Understanding the power of women as an investor group Women are on the cusp of immense investing power.

To accommodate this growth, wealth and asset managers should adapt their approaches to women as an investor class with unique goals, strategies and needs through tailored products and services. These positive screens have become one of the strongest foundational pillars of modern GLI criteria. As well as the above, the Equality Act also means that public bodies, such as local authorities, hospital trusts and police authorities now have to prevent discrimination.

This is called the Public Sector Equality Duty. Public bodies must consider the needs of people with protected characteristics, including older people, when planning or carrying out their public duties or services. The Equality Act covers a wide range of different types of places and organisations. The law applies to places that provide goods or services, and it also covers employment matters too. That includes, for example:.

Information about your healthcare rights. Information about ageism at work. Age discrimination can be legal under certain circumstances. That means the employer or service provider must show that they have a good reason for discriminating on the basis of age. For example, an employer could put an upper age limit on a job where very high levels of physical fitness are required and could not be fulfilled by someone older.

Step one: Find out about the complaints procedure for the organisation that you want to complain about. For example:. Step two: Send in details of your complaint, what happened, and when. Make it clear that you are complaining about age discrimination. It can also help to suggest solutions, for example, if you want an apology or the person responsible to be retrained.

Contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service for advice if you have experienced discrimination. Get in touch. Back to top. Postcode Please enter a valid postcode Submit. The Equality Act.

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Guidance is available to advise employers on how to avoid discrimination when recruiting, for example:. Similarly, companies bidding for contracts should outline how they continue to comply with the Act beyond recruitment:. When answering questions around equality and diversity, bidders should demonstrate that they understand and apply the legislation, for example:.

While it is standard for selection questionnaires to ask whether any finding of unlawful discrimination has been made against the organisation, many tenders also include questions asking how the tendering organisation ensures equality , for example:. Provide examples of how your organisation will deliver the services free from any form of discrimination.

In connection with equality and diversity what action do you take to conform to current UK legislation and promote equality and diversity in connection with race, caste, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership and political affiliation? How do you demonstrate compliance with the public sector equality duty with your staff?

What action does your company take to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace? The positive action could include:. As with all topics within a tender document, bidders should remember that the process is a competition. For some tender opportunities, an interview is the final hurdle to overcome before being awarded a contract. The importance of giving precise information in your tender submission cannot be understated. The buyer, whoever they may be, requires reassurance regarding your competence to deliver the services you….

Bid writing and preparing tenders is always to some extent a collaboration. For Scottish public bodies, the Scottish government launched a consultation on revised draft Regulations for specific duties on 9 September The consultation closed on 25 November More information from the Scottish Government.

Equality Act on the legislation. Explanatory notes on the legislation. A list of all legislation that was repealed or revoked on 1 October is available in Schedule 27 to the act. We have produced a series of guides outlining the key changes in the law made by the act.

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Hide this message. Home Society and culture Equality, rights and citizenship Equality. Guidance Equality Act guidance. Get emails about this page. Print this page. Overview The Equality Act legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. Discrimination: making a complaint Before the Act came into force there were several pieces of legislation to cover discrimination, including: Sex Discrimination Act Race Relations Act Disability Discrimination Act If you wish to complain about possible unlawful treatment there are 2 separate processes, depending on when it happened.

Questionnaires and guidance booklets for complaints under previous legislation Complaints: after October If you were subject to unlawful treatment on or after 1 October , the Equality Act applies. Equality Act provisions: commencement dates To allow people and organisations enough time to prepare for the new laws, the provisions of the Act were brought in at different times known as commencement dates. Equality Act Provisions that the government has decided not to take forward: public sector duty regarding socio-economic inequalities combined discrimination - dual characteristics Age discrimination The Equality Act includes provisions that ban age discrimination against adults in the provision of services and public functions.

Age discrimination: exceptions The government response to the consultation includes the draft Exceptions Order. It also requires that public bodies have due regard to the need to: eliminate discrimination advance equality of opportunity foster good relations between different people when carrying out their activities Who the Equality Duty applies to The Equality Duty applies across Great Britain to the public bodies listed in Schedule 19 as amended , and to any other organisation when it is carrying out a public function.

Guidance for public bodies The Government Equalities Office has published 2 quick-start guides to help public bodies understand the Equality Duty and the specific duties: Quick start guide: public sector Equality Duty Quick start guide: Specific duties The Equality and Human Rights Commission is the statutory body established to help eliminate discrimination and reduce inequality. The Commission has published new non-statutory guidance on: The essential guide to the public sector Equality Duty Meeting the Equality Duty in policy and decision-making Engagement and the Equality Duty Equality objectives and the Equality Duty Equality information and the Equality Duty Technical guidance on the public sector Equality Duty - England Devolution Section of the act enables the Welsh and Scottish ministers to impose specific duties on certain Welsh and Scottish public bodies through secondary legislation.

The Equality Act Statutory Duties Wales Regulations For Scottish public bodies, the Scottish government launched a consultation on revised draft Regulations for specific duties on 9 September Equalities Act legislation Equality Act on the legislation. Related content Public sector equality duty Equality Act how it might affect you Public sector: quick start guide to the public sector Equality Duty Implementing Inclusive Education Equality Act Schedule 19 consolidated - April Explore the topic Statutory rights Equality.

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What Is The Equality Act 2010?

Changes to legislation: Equality Act is up to date with all changes known () by The Scottish National Investment Bank p.l.c. and South of. Changes to legislation: Equality Act is up to date with all changes by The Scottish National Investment Bank p.l.c. and South of. Act and Equality Act in key areas that could support EII such as public sector commissioning practice. The Government's social investment strategy.